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    Wild Life for No Mans Sky takes the current system for spawning and controlling creatures in the game, and pushes it to the max!

    There are almost three times the creature type definitions to ensure behavioural differences between small and large versions of any base genus.
    Further to that, each possible Fauna abundance has been reworked to allow these new creature types to be used to maximum effect from miniscule to gigantic.

    Behavior and movement styles have been changed as best as possible to add further variety to the creatures and make planets more dynamic and lively.  Greater chances for Predator and Defensive creatures will keep you on your toes!


    When landing on a planet, the Fauna reading now indicates the density of life on a planet, rather than the total amount of life.  While a planet with "nonexistant" will always have no creatures, Barren planets for example can still have many creatures, although they will be greatly spread out, generally in small groups, and less likely to be large.

    If you enjoy discovering the wildlife in this game, and wish for more, look no further! Every planet (well ok not EVERY planet :P) has its own unique feel due to the vast increase in possibilities




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    Place into   %install%GAMEDATAPCBANKS

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 2.6

    Creature Behavior
    Reduced migration distance on birds to make them hang round longer
    Small birds fly around in trees (technically through them, imagination!)
    Increased animation speed on Triceratops when running
    Adjustments to call and cry frequency

    Creature Spawning
    Better chances for larger bird flocks
    Reduced Triceratops from Rare to Uncommon to increase them showing up
    Reduced spawn distance to help with performance

    Biome Changes
    More roles for Busy Ecology, with emphasis on night time
    Greatly lowered Dead Ecology having life
    Slight reordering of role table so large creatures are closer to the top (incase it makes a difference)

    Version 2.5
    BUG FIX :
    Removed -0.1 Scale variation from role descriptions to prevent the possibility of 0 Scale creatures

    Creature Behavior :
    Slight adjustments to movement speed to add more variation per species (and a few surprises)
    Shrunk "chickens" a bit more :P

    Creature Spawning :
    Attempted to increase the likelihood of Diplo's spawning



    Due to me having issues narrowing down what is causing the game to crash for others (it just won't crash for me!)  I have uploaded a version of 2.4 that contains many "mini mods" for each section of Wild Life.   If you are having problems with crashing, remove the below version and download the split mod.  Install all the mod files into your game, and then start the game and remove a file one-at-a-time until the game stops crashing, then let me know which PAK file is the one that crashes your computer!

    Feel free to use the mod without the problem file for now, it won't be as cool, but alot of the features will still be enabled.


    Version 2.4
    BUG FIX :
    Removed bugged out role from BUSY Ecology to stop crashing (I hope!)

    Creature Behaviour :
    Greater variety in Birds, Flying Snakes, Flying Lizards and Fish
    Flying Creature movement distances tweaked a little to make them not fly off so quick
    Greater possibility for Diplo type dino's
    Additional Creature Types based off the TREX and Triceratops

    Creature Spawning :
    Slight adjustment to giant creature probability on non giant planets to reduce likelihood of giant-ness
    Better distribution of flying creatures
    Small adjustments to sizes and spread for more variety

    Biome Creature Changes :
    BUSY Ecology reworked to prevent the crashes and is now more of a mix of COMMON, DINO and PREHISTORIC

    Version 2.0
    Creature Behavior :
    Size based movement speeds with bonus/handicap appropriate to type (a rodent is quick, but a Triceratops is not)
    Slow Walk, Walk, Trot and Run speed differences increased on each Creature type. (Triceratops can run quite fast, so prey its not angry!)
    Adjustments to movement / wander distances to try and get them to not walk/fly/swim in circles so much (mostly successful, especially on birds)
    Flying Creatures will get much closer to the ground, but also spend more time higher up
    Sea Creatures should spawn a little deeper underwater to stop them getting stuck in shallows

    Creature Spawning :
    'Generic' Creature types split into Common (small), Uncommon (Regular) and Rare (Large)
    'Special' Creature Types split into Common (appropriate size), Uncommon (unusually large/small), Rare (unusually very large/very small)
    Much better distribution of creatures with less mega-groups instead preferring regular interlacing small groups. Huge groups are still possible
    Only 'Special' Creature Types have predefined roles, with all others choosing from an equal pool of generic roles. (technically the special creatures can choose these too)
    Creature Roles on a planet redone from scratch. There are now Common/Uncommon/Rare possibilities for tiny,small,regular,large,varied,full range groups of creatures with both Predator and Prey versions biased according to Ecology Type. Many sizes also have small/medium/large grouping variations
    Flying things can get MUCH bigger
    Slight adjustment to the Triceratops and T-Rex rigs to promote Diplo/Triceratops/T-Rex's actually spawning instead of monsters

    Biome Creature Changes :
    Each "Ecology" set redone to bring much more variety to each type.  The Fauna level on a planet represents how rare life is, rather than how many species there are.
    Barren planets can still have half a dozen creatures, but they will be hard to find! On the flip side, a Paradise planet could have only a small number of species too, but they will be everywhere. 
    Don't expect to find every planet full of life, Barren planets still have very low possibilities of life, and that life is more likely to be small and rare.
    Planets that were "Dinosaur" planets are now just Large creature planets, and "Prehistoric" is the same, but with greater predator probability.  Any planet can spawn any creature type regardless of Ecology role, however 'common' or above have much greater chances of seeing large/huge creatures.
    Due to the number of roles and that none have a 100% probability, it is possible for some interesting combinations, such as huge prey animals, and tonne's of tiny predators chasing them, or a planet covered in butterflies or nothing but rodents.

    VERSION 1.0
    Creature Behaviour Changes :
    Increased Movement Speed variation and greater differences in movement style between genus'
    Adjusted Noise frequency to accommodate larger numbers
    Greater variety in height preferences per genus
    Greater likelihood that larger = more dangerous
    Increased migratory distances groups move
    Greater difference between night and day aggression

    Creature Spawn Changes :
    Significantly greater spawn distances
    Greater variety of Air, Ground, Cave and Underwater species when life is detected
    Spawn points spread out significantly
    Spawn Groups increased in size and variation
    Greater possibilities for small, large and huge variations
    Spread of spawns over night and day for Air, Ground and Underwater
    Increased uncommon and rare possibilities

    Biome Creature Changes :
    Probabilities adjusted to make less-than-ideal worlds more interesting
    Total Possibile chosen species groups increased across the board
    Better predator/prey combinations

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