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  • descriptionDescription

    SwimLikeDaFish version 1.55.01
    a mod for No Man's Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)


    This mod triples the player swim speed and braking while underwater.

    Multiplayer impact: untested, but the only effect on other players might be your unnatural ability to escape your pursuers in water.

    Compatibility details: This mod alters the following file:

    and changes three properties:
    <Property name="UnderwaterMaxSpeed" value="12" />
    <Property name="UnderwaterForce" value="45" />
    <Property name="UnderwaterBrake" value="9" />

    Any other mod that also alters that file will not be compatible, and one or the other must be chosen, not both.

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    1. Locate your installation of the game, its root directory;
    2. from that directory navigate to .\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS;
    3. if a file named DisableMods.txt exists, move, rename, or delete it (preferably delete);
    4. if a folder named MODS doesn't already exist in PCBANKS, create it now;
    5. using 7-Zip or your favorite Zip decompression program, extract the file SwimLikeDaFish1.55.01.pak into the MODS folder just created.
  • event_noteChangelog

    v1.55.01, 2018-08-12: initial release for NEXT

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