Survival/Permadeath Tedium Helper

  • descriptionDescription

    Do you wish you could play Permadeath for the challenge but remove some of the grind that the game forces on Survival/Permadeath mode? This might be the mod for you.

    This mod aims to reduce some of the tedium in Survival/Permadeath while still keeping them challenging.

    This mod modifies the following multipliers to be equal to Normal mode:

    • Exocraft fuel cost and fuel boost cost
    • Terrain manipulator cost
    • Launch thruster cost
    • Jetpack fill rate
    • Discharge rate of life support/hazard protection

    What this mod does not change:

    • Damage multiplier, including hazard damage
    • Anything else not specifically mentioned
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    1. Extract ZIP file to No Man's Sky GAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS folder.
    2. Remove or rename DISABLEMODS.txt in PCBANKS folder

  • event_noteChangelog

    Version 1.0 - Initial release. Works with Visions

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