Superman Movement

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    For version 1.55 with working flight controls. This mod basically allows you to fly. Made the jetpack more powerful and much faster in forward motion. Jetpack should use almost no fuel while moving forward. Also walk 2x and run 3x faster (multiple options) Includes versions with Quick Wanted Level Timeout / with quick shield recharge delay and no recoil. Only changes GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Place the .pak file in GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS

  • event_note Changelog

    0.8 - added versions that merged with my other mod Quick Wanted Level Timeout and my own custom file with quicker shield recharge delay and no recoil.

    0.7 - updated for 1.55 with working flight controls. Now contains 3 versions all with no falling damage. Jetpack Only, 1x Walk 3x Sprint or 2x Walk 3x Sprint.

    0.6 - added My Custom version that I use. 2x Walk, 3x Sprint, No Fall Damage, Quick Wanted Level Timeout, No Laser / Weapon recoil, quicker Shield recharge after damage (5s default 30)

    0.5 - added No Fall Damage options

    0.4 - added a 1x Walk Speed, 3x Sprint Speed, 0.8x Fall Speed for less damage when falling

    0.3 - updated for game version 1.55

    0.2 - added multiple options - jetpack-only, 1.5x walk / run speed, 2x, 3x.

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