Stonehenge’s for NMS (Glossy version)

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    This adds Random Stonehendge's to nms, this version has a glossy texture on the model, better one coming soon!!

    Could not have done this with out my friend eegandj on he does the moding and i do the models

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    unpack (.rar) file and then drop the (.pak) file in to PCBANKS folderĀ 

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  • UploaderGamerGirl89
  • Moddereegandj for doing the mod part, i did the model part and gamer helped too and We couldn't have done this with out Monkeyman192 and Gregkwaste help by making the importer tool here is the link to it
  • Mod VersionThis is 1.0 glossy version
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  • UpdatedDec 1, 2016
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