Star Wars Decals (WIP)

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    Adds 77 new Star Wars related decals. More to be added over time.

    All the emblems, of course, are owned by Disney and LucasFilms.

    The Tatooine Logo (LOGO.BASE.024) was based on this artwork by Whispering Words Design (

    The Death Star logo (LOGO.BASE.025) is heavily inspired (putting it lightly) from John E. Allen's A New Hope poster. (

    The Kashyyyk logo (LOGO.BASE.026) is from Justin Van Genderen's art. For some reason it isn't up on his page ( so here it is (

  • event_note Changelog

    0.1 - I had left a variable used for testing that cause all logos to be the same. This has been fixed.

    0.0 - Initial 77 textures.

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