Stack and Storage x10

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    Stack and storage multiplier mods for Origins patch, Sept 23rd 2020

    Last verified as working : 19th January 2021

    **Please note**  There are a number of .pak files inside the archive; extract the ones you want to use based on the version numbers. There is always an '_Etcc.stack_and_storage_x10._FULL_.pak' inside the archive which contains ALL of the changes.


    v0.1 file contains the following:

    • 10 times the stack sizes for all items in any inventory (backpack/cargo/frigate etc), with a max stack size of 99999
    • 10 times the storage multiplier for starship/frigate/cargo etc (with stack size limit as above)

    v0.2 file contains the following:

    • 10 times increased storage in gas and mineral extractors
    • 10 times increased storage in storage silos
    • 10 times charge storage in batteries

    Note: Whilst power isn't technically an inventory item, batteries are storage containers in their own fashion


    *DOES NOT* work for Survival mode, only for Normal game saves



    so will not work with other mods that change these files.

    Works with ORIGINS patch, Sept 2020 -- this is NOT tested on older versions.

    3rd Oct 2020 - I made this because all other stacking mods I've tried so far since the patch have caused a crash within a couple of hours. Tested this mod on a new game (started yesterday) with 7hrs gameplay and on a original save with over 166hrs of gameplay - no issues in either game.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Download .rar file
    • Extract the .pak file(s)  you want to use
    • Place the .pak file(s)  into your No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS/ folder
    • If you don't have a MODS folder create it
    • Delete the file (if it exists)  DISABLEMODS.TXT from the No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/ folder
    • Launch NMS.
  • event_note Changelog

    v0.1  2nd Oct 2020

       Initial release for ORIGINS patch (Sept 2020)


    v0.2 9th Oct 2020

    Increased battery storage to 10x normal capacity.

    Increased silo and both extractor types to 10x normal storage.

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