Speedy Growth and Harvest for Small Farms, NEXT 1.77

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    This is my first mod for No Man's Sky NEXT. In fact, this is my first mod ever.


    If you dis like the lengthy growth times for NEXT 1.55+, this will help considerably.

    For all the plants, your growth and harvest times are no more than 1/2 hour real-time.

    It's great if you have a small farm, or just starting out.

    It is completely OP if you have a lot of farms, though.




  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just unzip/rar, drag and drop to your PCBANKS/MODS folder, and remove disablemods.txt.

    No known conflicts at this time.


  • event_note Changelog

    1.01r - file resized due to mod creator error (was 75mb. now 9kb).

    1.00 first mod.

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