Spacestation Retexture HD + more Colors

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    My second Mod is a combination of some own things and a Mod from ScavangeR.

    It will retexture all Spacestations with High Quality Textures and will make the lines in other colors as well as the Beam outside of the Spacestation.

    Select the texture and extract it. And select a color and extract it.

    Current color selection:

    • Red
    • White
    • Green
    • Pink
    • Yellow

    I made three versions of the texture avaiable:

    LQ - Low Quality

    MQ - Medium Quality

    HQ - High Quality


    Shoutout to ScavangeR for the Retexture!

    Here is his version:

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    1. Open the zip
    2. Select ONE Texture-version, extract to MODS in PCBANKS
    3. Select ONE Colour-version, extract to MODS in PCBANKS
    4. Delete "DISABLEMODS.txt" in PCBANKS


  • event_noteChangelog


    • Fixed missing HQ Textures

    2.50 (The Colour Update)

    • Added Green
    • Added Pink
    • Added Yellow
    • Added Experimental Version (Inverted)
    • Rewrote the ReadMe.txt
    • Renamed Folders

    2.00 (The Size Update)

    • Reduced File Size drastically to allow more colors in future updates
    • Two Folders: Texture and Colors, select as you wish
    • Added ReadMe.txt (Beta)


    • Added White
    • Reorganized folder-structure


    • Improved Folder-Names


    • Release


    Looking forward to add more colors!

    I take suggestions.

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