Ship Coloring Future Feature Test Mod (EOL)

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    !Caution! This mod no longer works and no longer receives updates! Support for this has been discontinued.

    Thanks to everyone who was interested in this mod project as long as it was active.

    Unfortunately I cannot remove the mod because the site operator / administration has blocked the function for deleting mods. That's why this note.



    No Man's Sky MOD * Ship coloring future feature test mod
    BEYOND Release

    !NOTE! The "Branches" section shows you the current release build id's under:

    !!! This mod includes a totally unfinished and not official feature! Anyone using this mod will do so at their own risk. It's important to back up your savegame, because it needs to be saved during the mod is in use and this overwriting your savegame. !!!

    I found out that the ship coloring works and why it did not work. Is a little bit tricky and very experimental.

    Top condition, it must be your first ship! If you have only one ship, or only exchanged and never added, then it works immediately. If you already have several ships, then you have to switch to the ship that you had first. As orientation: in the SaveEditor it is displayed as Fighter (0), Hauler (0), Shuttle (0) ... etc. Otherwise the game crashes or freezes = if this, then you have the wrong ship!

    Then fly to an minor settlement, outpost or trading post with landing pad (you can use signalscanner to find one). I have activated the function at a second terminal next to the ship call.

    Call the Shipcustomizer function at the second terminal. Then choose your color(s) and confirm the change (Mostly only the primary color works and the secondary one is not accepted). You do not see the changes yet. After this you must get in your ship and out again. Now you have to reload the -> automatic created savepoint <-. Your ship has now the new color(s) or a part of them has a new color.

    !! Important !! After each confirmed color change, always get in / out of your ship and create a savepoint and then reload. If you change the color twice in a row, the ship model changes. But do not worry, this is just a visual mistake. When you reload your savegame again, the original ship is back.

    This Mod is for experimental people who do not expect a perfect function and just want to try a possible feature in the future.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Place the downloaded '_MOD.ship.coloring.future.feature.testmod.pak' (inside the zip file) in the No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder. If the "MODS" folder don't exist create it. An then delete the "DISABLEMODS.TXT" in the PCBANKS folder or move it to another folder or rename it. Otherwise no mods will be loaded!

    Remove the '_MOD.ship.coloring.future.feature.testmod.pak' from the No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder

    Compatibility Info:
    This mod is for other mods that change the following files are also not compatible:

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    02-18-2020 !Caution! This mod no longer works and no longer receives updates! Support for this has been discontinued.

    09-27-2019 BEYOND Release

    09-18-2018 V1.5x NEXT Release build 3095577 - 3121965
    -- uploaded the correct file - sorry!
    09-18-2018 Initial Release V1.5x NEXT Release build 3095577 - 3121965

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