Seed Changer (ship,multitool changer)

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    My small C# night project. Screenshot can explain everything. It opens save file and you can generate new seed for ship/multitool.

    This tool will just edit the look of the ship/multitool. It will not touch inventory or how many slots you have.

    Currently changes ship parts but doesn't change your actual ship class.

    Totally changes multitool.

    Leave comments what would you like to see more.



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Try installing .NET framework 4.5+ if it doesn't work for you.

    Will not work if you have more than one save in %appdata%/HelloGames/NMS

    This tool is required:

    NO MAN'S SAVE - Kudos to /u/nomansuniverse for this awesome tool

    1. Download and unzip "No Man's Save" and place it anywhere on your pc (desktop?)
    2. Download and unzip this tool and place the "NmsSeedChanger" directory inside the BIN folder of No man's save  (where the nomanssave.exe is)
    3. Your "nomanssave" directory should now look like this
    4. Go into NmsSeedChanger and start  "NmsSeedChanger.exe"

  • event_note Changelog



    Ability to change the actual ship model, not only parts of your current ship.



    Not showing warning when user has more than one save in %appdata%/HelloGames/NMS (people with a lot of money or with no money will see this xD)

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