Run For Your Life

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    Run For Your Life MOD for No Man's Sky Atlas Rises 1.35
    by revevil

    Get ready to run for your life and think fast, or die trying! I got sick of pirates spawning with only 2 ships, so I made this mod with the intention of making pirate ships spawn in much greater quantity. This does NOT affect pirate bounties, only pirate attacks on you. There are three levels you get to choose from:

    Level 1 - It's About To Get Real
    Level 2 - Oh Crap I'm Going To Die
    Level 3 - I Must Hate Myself


    This mod edits the EXPERIENCESPAWNTABLE.MBIN file, so it may conflict with other mods that make use of this file.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1) Backup your save folder! On levels 2 or 3, it's much easier to die.

    2) Copy only one mod into the MODS folder. You MIGHT want to start on level 1.

    3) Play and enjoy! Remember to carry lots of zinc and iron for your deflector shields. You will be charging those often.

  • event_note Changelog

    .1 - Just made and tested this mod today.

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