[Retired] – More Sky Colors for Cold Biomes

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    *** Oct 5th, 2020: This Mod is being retired ***
    Due to the expansion of atmosphere and weather types in NMS Origins, no further updates to this mod are planned.

    JefuslivesNMS - More Sky Colors for Cold Biomes (for NMS Desolation version  2.62 only)

    This mod adds three new sky palettes to cold biomes, and adjusts the default dusk/dawn sky to be a darker blue.  Enjoy!


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Locate the No Man's Sky Program Files folder.
    Unzip the distribution file into ../GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS/
    Rename or remove the file DISABLEMODS.TXT from ../GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/

  • event_note Changelog

    10/5/2020 - Does not work with NMS Origins. No further updated planned at this time.

    8/15/2020 - Verified working with Desolation v2.62

    7/23/2020 - Updated to support NMS Desolation, version v2.61

    6/22/2020 - Uploaded version 2.5 - Now Supports NMS Crossplay Update ver 2.54

    5/14/2020 - Uploaded first version (2.42)

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