REMAINS (Bones From the Past and Present)

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    This is a mod that adds 119 bones across all the planets in No mans Sky at random except for the frozen worlds and complete Barren planets. There are even Bones in Caves and Underwater,  and if a few kind of bones keep repeating im sorry its just the game , for some reason the game likes certain bones when choosing from the random list some times lol but it should change up as you play . FYI there are very rare Bones to find , you will probably know them when you see them ? ,  and with the help of Darconizer i could possibly add items to collect from them to make things and sale and etc and add locator icons to the rare ones to help you find them. but we will only consider this if enough people are interested and request this ?  also if everyone enjoys this Mod i will update it in the future with more bones for everyone to find. ? Happy Hunting and have fun!! :) 

    and also a big thanks to Cyrus James-Khan H for making the cover photo , it looks great!!
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just download the   .7z   file and unpack it and drop the   .Pak   file in your MODs folder in the PCBANKS folder

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