Reforested Lush Planets

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    Reforested Lush Planets aims to restore the forests as they were in Path Finder. By adjusting a few values that were strangely set to 0 when before they were non-zero values, this replenishes the forest density to resemble that of Path Finder, without reducing or increasing it any more than that. There are no other adjustments to the lush biomes beyond these adjustments to trees, rocks, and miscellaneous flora's density & multiplier values.

    Hope you enjoy the forests of space once more, and if you like these, remember that our Earthly forests are worth conserving as well, so consider looking into your local forest charities and doing what you can so that we can keep forests about in our little neck of the 'verse!

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    PStho: if you're diggin' this, come join the moddin' party! We're always down for more folks tweakin' the game and makin' the impossible possible! Click this to pick up our tricks! Same time, if ya want more active discussion, feel free to check out the NMS Modding Discord.

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    Dive into your No Man's Sky GameData directory, jump into PCBANKS, torch the DISABLEMODS.txt if it's still there, create a new folder called MODS and copy over _GmrLeon.ReforestedLushPlanets.1.0.pak. That's all there is to it, and away ya go!

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