Realistic Plant and Tree Sizes

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  • description Description

    This mode is increasing the size of the plants and trees but nowhere near as big as BigThings. This is for people who think the actual size of the plants and trees are too small and would like to see some forests and jungles but they don't want way too big things in the game.

    Any issues please to let me know, I am still testing but haven't found any bugs yet.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply unpack and drag the pak file into your PCBANKS/Mods folder

  • event_note Changelog

    0.1 - Fixed a bug causing no textures on radioactive planets.

    1.0 Added a second version with reduced sizes ( density ).

    Additional information
    As there are two versions now remember, you can only use ONE at the time!

    RealisticPlantAndTreeSizes.pak - Original file, increasing the object sizes between 200% - 300% average, you might experience too much density, fps drops and gameplay problems.

    RealisticPlantAndTreeSizesBalanced.pak - Balanced file, Increasing the object sizes between 150% - 200% average, much more gameplay and fps friendly.

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