RaYRoD’s Biomes – E3 Style: Tall Immersive Grass + Giant Crystals with Surprises

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    So, I just spent 9 hours straight making this mod...

    This mod adds tall immersive grass, plants, and flora to lush biomes and also some other biomes to try to imitate what was once shown in a pre-release trailer called "Infinite Worlds". Grass and flora now has the potential to be taller than you. I have also made various changes to other biomes and objects, including spawn density changes.

    There are also GIGANTIC crystals. These crystals will now give you different substance amounts; depending on where you find them based  on their size. Whether it be found in a cave, or underwater, or on a mountain or in general.

    Oh yeah! Watch out for some of those giant crystals though... you might just start a war. ;)

    * New Crystal Sizes
    * New Crystal Substance amounts obtainable
    * Flora and rocks and several different models in the game can be bigger in size.
    And LOTS of other changes too!

    (Some things may need to be tweaked, please report any issues.)

    Other mods being used in the featured video for this mod: Click Here 

    If you would like to support my future mod creations by donating... Click Here. :)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract "RaYRoD's Biomes - E3 Immersive Grass + Giant Crystals with Surprises.pak " into your MODS folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    * Fixed Biome Leveling (Restored To Original
    * Compiled certain mbins that I forgot to compile.

    (Reverted Back to 2.6.1 To Fix a Bug)

    Added alternative version with no swaying trees

    Added Swaying Adjustments Across All Biomes

    I just increased the rendering distance for flora and planetary objects, and made adjustments to the wind swaying on them. Grass and Trees can sway. There are also better object placements.

    2.0    - MAJOR FIXES
    Just manually edited tens of thousands of values so that only grass and a few other minor things ca be taller now and also fixed the width on everything. Everything looks far better. Also many size adjustments!
    I also made many spawn density adjustments. Forest changes, richer barren planets, richer frozen planets, slightly richer lush planets, weather changes, adjustments to Bases, Hills, Mountains, Rocks, UnderWater, Texture, Rivers, Craters, Arches, Small Arches, Blobs, Small Blobs, and Substances across all biomes.


    Slightly taller grass

    Various grass and objects changes. Tall grass should be very high, but never too tall to be able to see.

    Slight adjustments to size, so that grass is not overwhelming.

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  • UpdatedMay 30, 2017
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