Quick Save Points for BEYOND

  • descriptionDescription

    This mod allows to build Save Points for 1 Ferrite Dust, which is the minimum cost allowed by the game.
    Useful for any emergency situation that requires you to save the game (baby call, diner call, end of the world)!

    Only works on planets.

    Compatible with BEYOND 2.12

    -NEW- You can now use NMS-MCDAMM as mod manager to verify the compatibility between your mods and merge the ones that cause conflict!
    NMS-MCDAMM: https://nomansskymods.com/mods/nms-mcd-a-little-no-mans-sky-mod-conflict-detector/

    This mod might not be compatible with other modifications to the base building elements, more precisely, any other mod that modifies:

    How to add Quick Save Points to your own NMS_REALITY_GCPRODUCTTABLE.MBIN file?
    Please see the instructions in the README file.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    - remove or rename DISABLEMODS.TXT file from PCBANKS folder (I rename it into ENABLEMODS.TXT).
    - create a MODS folder into Steam/steamapps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder.
    - copy/paste included .pak file into the MODS folder.

    Install the alternate file for compatibility between my mods Quick Geobays + Quick Save Points.
    Quick Geobays mod: https://nomansskymods.com/mods/quick-geobays-for-next/

  • event_noteChangelog

    2.11 - Compatibility with BEYOND 2.12
    2.0 - Compatibility with BEYOND 2.09.1
    1.8 - Compatibility with THE ABYSS 1.71
    1.1 - Compatibility with NEXT 1.55

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