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    With the permission of Ahad, original creator of Project Potato, and Yendorion, original creator of Removed Texture Filters FPS Boost Park I have dug through their work and compared it against the Atlas Rises versions of the respective files, restoring both mods to the best of my ability. Some elements of their previous work appear no longer to be as possible with the current version of the game, unfortunately, so they may not match completely, but in my testing, each restoration has generally improved performance from slight to moderate degrees.

    The improvements range from extremely slight in the range of 4-6 FPS to rather moderate, in the range of 16-17 FPS. This was all in testing on a mid-range desktop PC, however, so with better hardware or lower performance overall, one may see these improve performance far better than my PC. In the past, I found Project Potato was literally what enabled me to run NMS on my laptop at all, so I'm hoping my restoration, Project Spud, may do likewise for others.

    It's worth noting, though, that No Man's Sky has come a long way since release, so I highly recommend trying it again in vanilla on laptops, as I was surprised to find that the updates had enabled me to run it without any need for mods on my laptop. Nevertheless, my work with this will undoubtedly improve its performance on there, as it's still No Man's Sky, and my laptop is still just a laptop.

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    PStho: if you're diggin' this, come join the moddin' party! We're always down for more folks tweakin' the game and makin' the impossible
    possible! Click this to pick up our tricks! Same time, if ya want more active discussion, feel free to check out the NMS Modding Discord.

    Please note, this mod is compatible with Lo2k's NoFade FPS Booster, and I would recommend trying them together to maximize performance improvements on lower end systems.

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Go to your No Man's Sky folder, GAMEDATA, PCBANKS, and toss out DISABLEMODS.txt if it's still there, create a new folder named MODS and pop in one of the paks from this zip!

    Also, as NMSMods is currently having some strange issues with its download links, I recommend visiting the NexusMods Project Toaster page for the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience, I've reported this issue to site staff.

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    1.toastedspud: release!

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