Predator, Alien and Marine Numbers Decal Replacement

  • descriptionDescription

    This .pak replaces the Decal Numbertypes with the ones from Predator Movie and 2 other which look Alien/Marine like. It should be compatible with other Mods, i only included the numbers i modified. All other files are untouched. Added Screenshots which show some of them.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Extract the .pak from the downloaded .zip and place it into the PCBANKS folder.

    If it doesnt get loaded you maybe have a mod activated which replaces the Numbers(some People include unused files which can be the reason). Try to load my mod first, add an A or 0 in front of the name/mod. Since it doesnt replace any other files beside the numbers in DECALSNUMBERS it shouldnt interfere with any other mod.

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