Pre-release, “Infinite Worlds” Trailer: Space Fog *Attempt*

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    I attempted to recreate the space fog, that used to be present in pre-release gameplay.  I may need to adjust this more, however... I would really appreciate it if anyone reports any issues. Thanks!
    There's also a slightly bigger sun size, slightly thicker atmosphere and horizon, slightly faster nebula animation.

    NOTE: This will likely not be noticeable with black space or dark space mods because it will be too dark to see the fog.

    Attempting to re-create the space fog effect from this trailer! Man, I wish we could try this pre-release build! :P
    No Man's Sky: Infinite Worlds

  • event_note Changelog

    Reduced planet space fog, regular space fog still in tact.

    Updated E3 Space fog; clouds are new better colored, light space smoke is now  a thing from the infinite worlds trailer when leaving the atmosphere, and better space fog adjustments.

    1.2 :

    Added Multicolor Space Fog + New Space Cloud Colors + New Nebula Colors and some other changes. Space fog also might show in space stations now.

    Fixed Space fog not loading

    Reduced space fog a bit, so it's not overwhelming and reduced the horizon/atmosphere thickness incrementation.

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