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    Quadruples the power generation of all three generators:

    Biogenerator - 200kPs (Up from 50kPs)
    Solar - 200kPs (Up from 50kPs)
    EM generator - 600kPs in C-rank hotspots (Up from 150kPs)
                                 880kPS in B-rank hotspots (Up from 220kPs)
                                 1000kPS in A-rank hotspots (Up from 250kPs)
                                 1200kPS in S-rank hotspots (Up from 300kPs)

    Battery capacity also increased to 500,000kP to compensate for the larger generation of power of EM generators in high rank hotspots.

    Hello Games seems to want you to suffer unless you've found the ideal hotspot at S-rank, which are sometimes in the least ideal places.
    My intention with the mod is to give the player a bit more freedom to build in their ideal locations and be able to realistically maintain power supply without having to manually feed tens of biogenerators with thousands of units of carbon.

    Might also make freighter bases viable again. :)

    Unsure how this affects co-op/multiplayer with people without the mod, I haven't been able to test this.

    Alternative less OP version available which doubles the default values of generators and batteries, only use one version.

    Battery capacity - 90,000kP
    Biogenerator - 100kPS
    Solar - 100kPs
    EM generator - 300kPs in C-rank hotspots
                                 440kPs in B-rank hotspots
                                 500kPs in A-rank hotspots
                                 600kPs in S-rank hotspots



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    1.1 - Reuploaded to fix broken .rar archive.

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