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    This mod is outdated.  Please see Populated Freighters and Space Stations for the newest update.



    So you've finally saved up enough units to purchase a freighter.  You talk to the Captain and hire on a crew.  And now nobody wants to talk to you.  

    This mod fixes that!

    Adds a few new NPCs to the Freighter Bridge who you can talk to, purchase technologies from or even accept new missions!

    So go ahead buddy, get out there and talk to your crew.  Who knows, maybe you'll make a friend or maybe you'll offend a Vy'Keen and he'll literally bite your head off.

    Don't forget your towel!

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    • DO NOT ask mod creators for updates or ETAs on updates or demand things.  For every update request/demand/ETA I receive I will stop working on the mod for that day (thus delaying the update).  This is by far the most annoying aspect of modding and is what causes mod creators to quit modding.  Please don't do it.
    • We're all doing this for free. 
    • There is a distinct limit to what is possible via mods in No Man's Sky.  A lot of games have systems that just aren't existent in NMS (for example, scripted events).  This makes things that you see in other games really hard to do in this game.  So when making feature requests, suggestions, etc please keep in mind that there's a lot of stuff we can't do.
    • Bug reports are always welcome, however, bug complaints are not.  Report the problem, don't complain about it, this isn't your companies IT help desk.
    • Going forward my mods will be hosted on Nexus Mods and may be linked to from here.  If VG Mods adds more privacy controls and features to offer the same function set as Nexus this may change but for now this is necessary.
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    version 1.0 - Initial Release

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