Pickable Autonomous Mining Unit

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    So... I've found that there's a really bad bug in the AMU, that if you have 2 or more in the same base, for 2 different things to extract, Like copper and silver, after the first time, one of those will change and extract the same as the other... With the only solution being that you destroy it and make it again.

    But that's expensive and boring to do all the time, so this mod make you able to simply pick them UP and constroy again with no cost, like other simple things in the game.


    It's working with the latest version of the game (1.77+)

    And it modifies the file "BASEBUILDINGTABLE.MBIN", so, I'm not sure is compatible with other mods that modify this too, but probably not.


    OBS - This is my first mod and I'm no codder or anything like that, so I'm sorry if something goes wrong, but no problem should occur. And sorry for my english =[

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just unrar the archive and extract the pak to "***No Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS"


    Create the MODS folder if you do not have it.

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