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    If you or your child is a victim of such cyber-bullying, a single call initiates an immediate response by PhonySpy’ anti-cyber-bullying team. The response begins with a telephone consultation and an on-site interview that may be arranged within 24 hours. A work plan and initial assessment is formulated with a budget and time line for the PhonySpy’ anti-cyber-bullying staff to complete the project.

    The anti-cyber-bully team at PhonySpy Service created sms tracker resource to provide you with security and create an environment that is secure.

    The communication in bullying behavior is intended to deliberately threaten, harass or intimidate a specific person or group and the information technology employed includes social media, chat rooms, blogs, e-mails, cell phones or instant messaging. Adults and children may be victims of cyber-bullying which can be severe or involve threats and require involvement of the police. Even in states without electronic harassment laws, a remedy for cyber-bullying is that it is illegal to intentionally inflict emotional distress.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1. Download App PhonySpy

    2. Install by clicking button "Install"

    3. Enjoy to use

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    Updated 20.03.2018 fixed the view of call history

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