Nyxara’s Traveler Staffed Freighters

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    Nyxara's Traveler Staffed Freighters replaces the Freighter Crew (and Captain!) with the Fourth Race, the beautiful Travelers! The Captain seems to speak the language of the system you found the freighter in (Gek, Korvax, Vy'Keen) as I couldn't find a way to get the Captain Dialogue to correspond and speak in the {-kzzzt-} language of the Travelers.

    This mod is most likely incompatible with other freighter staff altering mods, and it makes use of the NPCSPAWNTABLE.mbin so if you want this mod to work, make sure it's a higher load priority than any other mods that alter that file!

    Please Enjoy!


    (Image credit to GMR_Leon, who tested this mod for me!)

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download .pak from the mediafire link.
    2. Delete the DISABLEMODS.txt from your game directory ex.(C:Program Files (x86)Hello Gamesz Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS) or rename it to ENABLEMODS.txt
    3. Create the folder MODS in your PCBANKS folder,
    4. Drag and Drop the .pak into the MODS folder
    5. Launch and Enjoy!
  • event_note Changelog

    V 1.0 - Replace Freighter NPCs with Travelers.

    V 1.1 - Allowed for compatibility with 1.35

    V 1.2 - Allowed for compatibility with 1.38

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