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    I hate constantly being talked at while playing, especially when almost all voiced notifications already double an on-screen message.  

    This mod replaces ALL voice-over notifications in English (every single one) with a brief, innocuous 'blip' sound. (The blip is useful when, for instance, you are scanning materials, just so you know it worked.) Otherwise you are left in blissful silence.

    NOTE:  This includes all the voice-over when starting a new game/galaxy, some of which you may have found useful if you are a first-time player.  I didn't have the patience to figure out which files those are and exclude them.)


    Compatible with NMS 1.38 (latest Atlas Rises as of Nov 1 2017).

    No, I will not make a version for other languages, and I'm not even sure I'll bother updating it, so don't ask.  If I do update it I will update this comment, the version # and the changelog, but don't hold your breath, I'm not even sure how much longer I'll play this game.

  • speaker_notes Installation


    Extract the download and put _NO_VO.PAK in the MODS folder.

    You will also find a text file enclosed that lists the source files that were altered (too many to list here). In case you are a modder or trying to track down conflicts and you wanted to know.

    This mod is not compatible with any other mod that alters these files (all English sound files that are voice-over, in sum.)

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