No Strangely Shaped ‘Heavy Air’ Particles

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    This mod removes (makes invisible) the strangely shaped particles (skinny rectangle, squiggly line, rock shape) found in the atmosphere of some planets (scorching, radioactive, toxic, jungle etc) I haven't been able to find the little common round particles and have given up , alot of people including myself like them anyway. I will also post more screenshots of different extreme planets and the particles removed.

    PS Please direct any questions to this mods No Man's Sky Nexus page. Sorry. I don't use social media.

    *UPDATE - I just reuploaded the file to include a long skinny particle that I missed and just found on a jungle planet!

    *UPDATE - I just reuploaded the file to include a twin bubble particle that I just found on a toxic planet. See screenshot.

    *UPDATE - I've just reuploaded the zip file to include an option to keep the 'twin bubble' or spore particle found on toxic planets. Last screenshot above.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unpack only 1 of the pak files to PCBANKS. You shouldn't have to delete SHADERCACHE but if the mod doesn't work then delete it.

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