No Pause When Alt-Tabbed

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    Makes your game not pause when you alt-tab. To run this mod you need cheat engine. It's very simple to use. 


    This mod is a part of Mod. You just don't have to download 2gb package to get this one file from it.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    STEP 1:

    Download Cheat Engine Official Download

    STEP 2:

    Download this mod

    STEP 3:

    Launch NMS and Cheat engine. Find and doubleclick *RaYRoD's No Man's Sky 1.3 Cheat Engine Table* - it will open a new cheat engine window. In that window open NMS process in the left top corner (computer with loupe icon).

    STEP 4:

    When in game enable "No Pause On Loss Focus" option visible in cheat engine window and enjoy your afk farm! :)

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