No More Speed Lines

  • descriptionDescription

    This mod will remove the super chaotic speed lines that appear around your ship while using your pulse drive. All the mod does is replace the line textures with blank textures.

    The main reason this mod exists is for streamers who don't want their stream to look like garbage while speeding between planets and such. The amount of movement these speed lines produce on screen make it incredibly difficult to encode. Removing the speed lines keeps the quality of your stream's video up while sacrificing very little in the process.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just drop the .pak file into your No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder and you're all set.

    If this is the first mod you're installing, the MODS folder may not exist. If this is the case, create a folder called MODS inside PCBANKS and then either delete or rename the file called DISABLEMODS.txt. I rename mine to ENABLEMODS.txt and then just rename it back to DISABLEMODS.txt when I want to disable my mods.

  • event_noteChangelog

    Version 1.0:

    • Initial Release
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