No More Bullet Bounce

  • descriptionDescription

    No More Bullet Bounce version 1.55.01
    a mod for No Man's Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)


    This mod entirely removes the "bounce" effect from purchased (procedural) multitool upgrades for its Boltcaster, Scatter Blaster, and Plasma Grenade Launcher modes. Normally when such upgrades are purchased and applied, there is a probability that one of the effects will be this bounce effect, causing bullets to ricochet and plasma grenades to bounce one or more times. This mod removes that probability, and even does so retroactively: any existing upgrades that had this effect will no longer have it. (I do not know if the effect will reappear if the mod is removed; I have not yet tested that.)

    Multiplayer impact: untested, but weapon effect changes are expected to persist in multiplayer for your multitool only (meaning no ordnance bounce in PvP).

    Compatibility details: This mod alters the following file:

    Any other mod that also alters that file will not be compatible, and one or the other must be chosen, not both.  Rather than change various properties, I've actually removed eight property blocks, which is a bit much to detail here without just sharing the complete text of the decrypted file.

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    1. Locate your installation of the game, its root directory;
    2. from that directory navigate to .\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS;
    3. if a file named DisableMods.txt exists, move, rename, or delete it (preferably delete);
    4. if a folder named MODS doesn't already exist in PCBANKS, create it now;
    5. Using 7-Zip or your favorite Zip decompression program, extract the file NoMoreBulletBounce1.55.01.pak into the MODS folder just created.
  • event_noteChangelog

    v1.55.01, 2018-08-12: .EXML file removed for release
    v1.55.00, 2018-08-12: initial test version for NEXT

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