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    Since No Man's Sky first came out, I was always annoyed that I couldn't just link up my jetpack mods in my exosuit. After many tedious searches, I came across a save editor that allowed me to do just that, but for some reason I couldn't get it to load my permadeath saves. So I decided to rewrite it in Java for fun and as I dug deeper and added more functionality, I think it has become a pretty useful tool.


    • Easy to use UI.
    • Ability to organize inventory (exosuit, multitool, ships, freighter, vehicles, and base storage)
      • Move items and technology around (drag & drop, right-click menu)
      • Add items and technology (right-click menu, CTRL-drag & drop)
      • Repair items and slots (right-click menu)
      • Unlock additional slots (right click menu), and resize inventories (to maximum 8x6)
    • Ability to change data values, such as number of units, classes, seeds, and base stats, etc.
    • Ability to view more information about each of the items in your inventory, such as in-game description, names, etc.
    • Ability to edit the known technology, products lists, words, and glyphs.
    • Ability to recharge all technologies, refill all item stacks, expand all inventories to 8x6, and enable all inventory slots using a simple menu option.
    • Ability to edit the game stats that are used for milestones and faction reputation.
    • Ability to edit the raw JSON in the save file (for advanced users only).
    • Automatic backup and recovery of all saves (in case you screw up something).

    For further info & change requests, please PM me.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Extract the contents of the zip file to an empty folder somewhere.
    2. Run the bat file (or the jar file if the file extension is associated to java).
    3. When the main window opens, locate the folder that your saves are in, and choose the most recent.
    4. Start tinkering!

    NOTE: Java Runtime Environment 8 is required.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.3.28 - Update
    - Added automatic update for the version number when saving an old save file to a new slot.
    - Added more support for modded save files.

    1.3.27 - Update
    - Added ability to reduce stack size, providing it doesn't clash with existing stacks.
    - Added "Save As" function, to allow saving to other slots.

    1.3.24/25/26 - Update
    - Updated editor to support save file changes introduced in NMS 1.38 (Experimental).

    1.3.23 - Update
    - Fixed bug where seed value was not saving correctly on shorter seeds (0x01, etc).
    - Fixed bug where editor was not saving a field value when using CTRL-S.

    1.3.22 - Update
    - Added ability to view glyph and galactic coordinates using "Coordinate Viewer" menu item.
    - Added ability to warp to other systems (in ship) with the new coordinate viewer.

    1.3.21 - Update
    - Added check to allow breaking of slots ONLY on inventories that are valid (ship & multitool).
    - Fixed issue where grenade launcher and boltcaster were not being recharged using the "Recharge All" feature.
    - Fixed issue with permadeath saves introduced in 1.3.20.

    1.3.20 - Update
    - Added ability to "Break" inventory slots (right-click menu), for those who like to make things more difficult for themselves!
    - Fixed issue where moving items could result in the items landing on "Broken" slots. Now they can only be moved to fully usable slots.
    - Added "Build Cost" field to Item viewer dialog.
    - Added compression for backup files, and changed the save process to target the oldest file name (same as in-game save process).

    1.3.19 - Update
    - Added "Recharge Base Planters" menu item.
    NOTE: This will only recharge the planters that have been recharged once before, solution to this is in progress.
    - Updated for NMS 1.35.

    1.3.18 - Update
    - Added Ship Health field (only editable for primary ship).
    - Improved data checks in JSON editor, with better error messaging.
    You can now delete the contents of a selected block, and it will delete it rather than trying to set it to no value.
    - Added "Milestones / Reputation" tab.
    - Added steamid lookup for directory names.

    1.3.17 - Update
    - Improved Find dialog in JSON Editor (CTRL-F).
    - Added IDs to the lists in the Discovery tab.
    - Updated various font sizes to be more consistent with operating system settings.

    1.3.16 - Update
    - Reformatted all images to reduce the overall download size (now 30% what it was).
    - Added "Change Stack Sizes" button to inventory view.
    - Added ability to merge stacks of the same item together using drag & drop.
    - Added icons to known technology / products lists.

    1.3.15 - Update
    - Added "Expand All Inventories" and "Enable All Slots" functions to the Edit menu.
    - Added tooltip for inventory items on mouse over (displaying full name of item).
    - Added new sidebar to JSON editor (for viewing/editing parts of the tree).
    - Added ESC hotkey to close common dialogs.
    - Updated datafiles for NMS 1.33 release (changes to known words list).

    1.3.14 - Update
    - Updated all remaining inventory containers to use 8x6 maximum size.
    - Renamed some of the Substance categories to match in-game values.
    - Added categories and sorting functionality to "Discovery" boxes.
    - Added various recharge/refill all functions to the Edit menu.
    - Added CTRL-drag feature for duplicating items in inventory.

    1.3.13 - Update
    - Added Known Words section to "Discovery" tab (renamed from "Technology").
    - Increased limits on multitool inventory size to 8x6.
    - Fixed display issue in Add Item dialog.
    - Changed stat save process to add the stats in if the ID doesn't exist (should fix issue with freighters pre-1.3).

    1.3.12 - Update
    - Visual improvements to many of the editor dialogs.
    - Added debugging option to startup.

    1.3.11 - Update
    - Fixed issue where freighter stat was not being saved properly on freighters bought prior to NMS 1.3.

    1.3.10 - Update
    - Changed the File Open dialog to be more intuitive. This now lets you see your save files and select them individually.

    1.3.9 - Update
    - Added buttons for random seed generation.
    - Added freighter NPC race and seed values.
    - Added base NPC seed values (hired NPCs only).
    - Fixed issue with Freighter stats not being copied to all locations in the save.

    1.3.8 - Update
    - Added fix for multiple menuitems attached to same shortcut key.
    - Added debugging for when the editor "flashes" an error message and won't start up.

    1.3.7 - Update
    - Minor adjustments to the UI (inventory selection and expansion buttons).
    - Increased the max size of tech inventory on suit, ships, and freighters to 8x6.
    - Added Fill/Recharge menu item to context menu, and removed the amount from the Item Viewer dialog.
    - Added ability to revert to old saves using the Filename dropdown (sorted in most recent order).

    1.3.6 - Update
    - Added Portal Glyphs to Technology tab.
    - Fixed bug in JSON Editor window when closing.

    1.3.5 - Update
    - Added the ability to add/delete items from inventory.
    - Added the ability to expand the width and height on certain types of inventory.
    - Fixed issue with unexpected number formats in save file causing read errors (possibly due to other mods).
    - Changed "Show JSON" menu item to "Edit Raw JSON", and made the dialog editable (be careful when using this!).
    - Added icons for inventory items.

    1.3.4 - Update
    - Removed add all function from technology and products list, and replaced with a single/multi selection dialog to give more control. Also added a removal button to each list.
    - Added the ability to move items into other inventory containers (with some restrictions), using right-click menu. Items are restacked as needed.
    - Fixed issue with Exotic Ships reverting to Shuttle when opening a save.

    1.3.3 - Update
    - Fixed bug where "ghost freighters" were being added to save files where a freighter hadn't been bought yet.
    - Added ability for app to remember last save directory on startup.
    - Added class and stats to freighters.
    - Fixed bug in startup for some game files.

    1.3.2 - Update
    - Increased the maximum for multitool and ship stats.
    - Added freighter types (be careful changing this if you are currently in your freighter).
    - Added ability to add all technology and products to the known lists.

    1.3.1 - Update
    - Fix for inventory out of bounds on some save game files.
    - Added ability to edit health, shield, and energy of the player.
    - Added ability to edit class and base stats of the multitool.
    - Added ability to edit type, class, and base stats of ships.

    1.3 - First public release (for Atlas Rises).

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