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    HOTFIX: v0.2.1 should fix the broken mods with 0KB. Please tell us if it still happens to you or if you have other issues with NMSManager. Just click on the envelope button in the upper right corner (Send Feedback).

    No Man's Sky Manager allows you to manage your mods easily. You can enable/disable them or completely remove them.
    Some features are still under construction but all basic functionality is available.

    Right now only packaged .pak files with "_" in front of their name are supported but more mod types will be supported soon.
    It works with all Versions of the game (Steam/GOG/...).

    Please send your feedback so I can further improve the app.

    > Details about how to support NMSManager to show detailed info about your mods.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just unzip the .zip file anywhere and run the NMSManager.exe.

  • event_note Changelog

    - changed some code for refreshing mods and applying changes which should fix the broken mods with 0KB size
    - fixed issue that .toc files of already installed mods were not copied to NMSManagerMods
    - fixed issue that .toc files were not copied to NMSManagerMods when adding a new mod with the "+" button
    - fixed mod details randomly displaying mod info when refreshing mods
    - removed the help button on the "Mods" page. The new tooltips should give you all necessary information
    - reduced timeout for update check from 20 to 10 seconds

    - redesigned big parts of the app and added a new menu on top
    - improved "Browse for game folder" to autmatically close the popup after selecting a folder
    - changed some button captions to make some things hopefully more clear
    - improved some code for cache deletion and mod recognition
    - added many new tooltips to buttons and UI elements
    - added support for .toc files to show more detailed mod information
    - added tools for mod authors to create .toc files easily (more tools coming soon!)
    - added option to check for updates of NMSManager on startup
    - added support for No Man's Sky Extender (NMSE) - first click on "Launch" will show a menu or rightclick to change it anytime.

    - added all basic features (add/remove mods, enable/disable mods)

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