No Man’s Sky Community Overhaul – Path Finder Update + Custom Cheat Engine Table + Custom PS4 Controller Profile + Modified SweetFX+ReShade and swappable PResets

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    No Man's Sky Community Overhaul - Path Finder Update + Custom Cheat Engine Table + Custom PS4 Controller Profile + Modified SweetFX+ReShade and swappable Presets

    What is this, and why am I posting this?

    Basically... I added A LOT of things that I made on my own, but I also integrated other mods that I like from other fellow modders for mod compatibility, to prevent confliction with other files that might overwrite each other and also other personal aesthetic desires.

    For example. I recently made something that removes the POPIN static on procedural generation, and I have a real-time field of view slider mapped to a controller, and I have a more advanced anti-aliasing going on through real-time memory editing and a star citizen warp to planet thing going on.
    I also have several swappable custom ReShade presets going on. One that imitates the original E3 game look, another that imitates real life, another that improves the original games look, and a few others.

    Originally, I packed my mods and lots of other modder's mods into one .pak file... for *personal use and fun.* When unpacked everything gets unpacked into the right file/folder hierarchy but I integrated my changes into other people's modded files, and I integrated other people's mods into my modded files... so technically it's not 100% mine anymore. Also, I never really had a desire to post anything... but then I was like... there's been other community mods so... and 99% of everything here is Hello Games... so What the heck. Enjoy!

    No Man's Sky has a wonderful modding community and I'm grateful that everyone here is active.
    Proper credits given.

    A few of the mods  that I quickly made:

    1. A Custom Hello Games Logo, splash screen I photoshopped with an in-game Snapshot, and title.
    2. Exocraft Garage Spawn Limitations Removed
    3. Infinite Hyperdrive
    4. Infinite Air Underwater
    5. Launchcost Removed
    6. Infinite Jetpack
    7. Higher Landing Zones
    8. CyberCyrus and I's Transparent UI -
    9. Custom Vehicle Controls
    10 Procedural Generation Screendoor Static Effect Removed
    11. A Modified version of active space by Jazhix+RaYRoD
    12. Transparent Binoculars by RaYRoD (Optional)
    13.  Trippy Ultra HD space stations, with traktor looking beams
    14. Realistic Black Galactic Map
    15. Transparent, E3 Inventory with smaller box size (Optional)

    And also Likely many other things that I've created which I don't remember off the top of my head at this moment but will edit in asap!
    Other Fellow Modders Mods Included:
    1. Atlas Crosshair by CyberCyrus -
    2. Lazer Crosshair by Cyber Cyrus -
    3. Decky's E3 Ship HUD (Only) -
    4. Decky's Bigger Creature Icons -
    5. SAA's LOD MOD (which is reportedly supposed to make planetary appearence features synonymous to the way they look from space) -
    6. HD Landpads Retext by ScavangeR -
    7. HQ water effects by Mautz -
    8. HD Nasa Clouds by scooterbaga + Better HD clouds fix by Lo2 - -
    9. E3 2015 SCAN PULSE EFFECT by LawnReality -
    Addable or Swappable Mods Included:

    1. RaYRoD's Community Mod With (No Darc Tech)

    2. An alternate version of RaYRoD's community setup, with no Darc Tech (Optional)
    3. Transparent Binoculars by RaYRoD (Optional)
    4. Megaliths + Megaliths 50percent (Optional) -
    5. Constructs (Optional) -
    6. Crescent Worlds (All Variations ) by LawnReality (Optional) -
    7. Darc No Cockpit (Optional) -
    8. Darc Tech-Icons (Optional) -
    9. E3 Overhaul mod by IAMMRMIKEMAN (Edited With always Lush Biomes) (Optional) -
    10. E3 Overhaul mod by IAMMRMIKEMAN (Edited Without always lush biomes) (Optional) -
    11. No Glowing Light Around Planet by Alex Marquis (Optional) -
    12. Lower Size Of Inventory Boxes by Allcoast (Optional) -
    13. Upright Stalagmites by MSSP (Optional) -
    14. DUD Atmosphere Effects (Optional) -
    15. DUD Less Creature Icons (Optional) -
    16. Level 1 Faster Movement by ZanMiguel (Optional) -
    17. Difficulty x3000 edited (For Compability) (Optional) -
    18. DeadEndThrills Photo Mode Unlock (Optional) -
    19. Darc.BigQuads (Optional) -
    20. Darc.Blood (Optional) -
    21. Darc.Caves (Optional) -
    22. Darc.Whip Remover (Optional) -
    23. Darc.Flight (Optional) -
    24. Darc.Creature (Optional) - h
    25. Darc.Clean Ships (Optional) -
    26. *HQ SMOKE – FOG – CLOUD – RAIN – EFFECTS* By Mautz (Optional)
    28. *Beast LCARS HUD* (Optional)
    29. *BigThings %50* (Optional)
    30. *E3 HUD* (Optional)
    40. *MINIHUD* By TOFFLER (Optional)
    50. A mostly transparent Binoculars, *Scanner RETEXTURE* By Hammyg (Optional)
    60. All optional variations of *Use The Binoculars (Less Icons)* (Optional)
    70. Re-added *Constructs* (Was Missing Before) (Optional)
    80. *Darc City+Biomes + E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    81. *No Air Particles* Or Fireflies* By ivXtreme
    82. *No Lens Flare* By ivXtreme
    83. *No Weather And Dust Visuals* By ivXtreme
    84. *Darc Biomes-Only + E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    85. *Darc Cities + E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    86. *Darc Cities+Biomes (No E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    87. *COOL SPACESHIP CONTROLS* By Redma (Optional)


    Custom ReShade+SweetFX setup:

    Simply Drop ALL of the ReShade Contents in your binaries folder.

    ReShade HOTKEYS:
    - GUI Hotkey = END
    - Toggle ReShade effects = Page Down
    - Screenshot = Num *

    Important Details:
    ***I combined ReShade+SweetFX for the Pathfinder update.***
    So, I modified a ReShade setup that performs better. It no longer hands as it's loading/re-loading the shaders for me. It's instant. Also, it takes less of a FPS hit. I got 60FPS on a lush planet. Then I added multiple swappable presets.

    1. Modified Mojo ReShade using SweetFX+ReShade
    (I ported a modified version of my friend Cyber Cyrus's *Mojo ReShade* into SweetFX and added it as a shader that can be enabled within the ReShade GUI. In doing so, it saves takes less of a FPS hit. Therefore, 95% of the Mojo ReShade is being invoked through the SweetFX shader, and the other 5% of Mojo ReShade is using native ReShade shaders.) This ReShade is intended to immitate the E3 Look.

    2. Darc's Shades (Realism) -

    3. VISIMARS ReShade (A slight enhancement from Vanilla -

    TO swap Presets.... Open the ReShade GUI with the END key on your keyboard or my PS4 Profile Setup Hotkey (Right Touchpad Click) included and toggle/swap the preset in the dropdown box in the Home Tab.

    A Custom Cheat Engine Table Compilation:

    Options Included:
    1. Inf Health
    2. Inf Sprint
    3. Inf Jetpack
    4. Inf Scanner
    5. Inf Life Support
    6. Inf Ammo
    7. Inf Grenades
    8. Inf Mining Beam
    9. No Overheat
    10. No Ship Overheat
    11. Inf Hyperdrive
    12. Inf Phase Beam
    13. Inf Launch Thrusters
    14. Inf Pulse Engine
    15. Inf Deflector Shield
    16. Inf Exocraft Boost
    17. Inf Fusion Engine
    18. Inf Exocraft Mining Laser
    19. Inf Exocraft Cannon
    20. Money Pointer/Multiplier
    21. Element Gathering Multiplier
    22. Stack Modifiers
    24. Stack Value
    25. Bypass Locks
    26. Unlock All Technology Recipes
    27. Unlock All Product Recipes
    28. Ignore Crafting Requirements
    29. Inf Items Crafting/Selling
    30. Unlock Hyperdrive Recipes (F6)
    31. Always Have Conversation Item
    32. Free Camera (F3) x (num 4/6), y (num 8/2), z (num 7/9)
    33. Galactic Map Speed (F1) (value :: Galactic Map advice: 2.75 is default, starfield display takes a second to catch up at 200 :: 200 is good for rushing to galactic centre)
    34. Current Inventory Stats Pointers
    35. Highlighted Item Pointer
    36. Oscillation Overthruster (Instant Warp To Planet)(F9)
    37. Force FOV (High FOV)
    38. FOV Real-time Increaser/Decrease Adjust with (num + and -)
    39. No Pause On Loss Focus (F11)
    40. GFX Tweak (Real - Time Anti Aliasing Adjust) (F2)
    41. Helmet FX Toggler (CA/Vignette/Scalines/Frost)
    42. Build Anywhere
    43. Summon Exocraft Anywhere
    44. Compact Cheat Engine Window
    45. Instant Photo Mode (H Key To Activate with hotkey)
    46. Universial Translator (Decode Words)
    47. Inventory Slot Pointers
    48. Unlimited Hazard Protection
    49. Laser Color modifer Red (0.0 to 1.0) Green (0.0 to 1.0) Blue (0.0 to 1.0), + Disco Lasers Preset
    50. Mouseover Object Pointer
    51. Damage Taken
    52. Damage Capacity
    53. Speed Manipulator
    54. One-Hit Kills
    55. Anti Profanity Filter
    56. Time Of Day
    57. Wanted Level
    58. No Sentinals
    59. Wanted Level Pointer(Activate HUD)
    60. Lobotomise AI (Freeze Robots) (K)


    A Custom PS4 Controller Profile for DS4 Windows That's Setup for Cheat Engine:


    1. Extract Ds4Windows.rar anywhere (preferably Documents Folder) and then open DS4Windows.exe.
    2. Go to the settings tab inside of Ds4 windows and click the blue highlighted option below called "Controller/Driver Setup" and do what it says quick.

    3. Make sure borderless windowed is running and the hotkey in it is set to ( Num / ) ----- I recommend extracting "BorderlessWindowed.exe" and "BorderlessWindowed.exe - Shortcut" into your startup directory "AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup"

    4. Extract "Extract "RaYRoD's Custom NMS Cheat Table Setup.CT" to your desktop! And Make sure my cheat engine CT file is loaded in Cheat Engine (You must double click on the CT file and it will automatically load it into cheat engine. That's the only way it works unless you load it with my controller hotkey *mentioned below*) and also that cheat engine is attached to the NMS.exe process by clicking File, Open Process, NMS.exe while the game is running. BUT If you want Cheat Engine to *automatically attach* when No Man's Sky runs which is more simple... then inside of cheat engine on the menu bar up top, click edit and then click settings... and where you see "Automatically attack to processes name" type in NMS.exe and then hit OK.

    5. And lastly.... make sure steam settings are set this way


    The PS4 middle home button automatically activates "BuildAnywhere", "Summon Exocraft Anywhere", "Inf Exocraft Boost", "Inf Exocraft Fusion Engine," "Inf Exocraft Mining Laser," and "Inf Exocraft Cannon" all at once and changes NMS to best Anti Aliasing Settings in real-time not possible with the in-game settings.

    *Select: activates No Man's Connect (Must install first)
    *Circle still works for in-game purposes but also now activates the flashlight in day-time.

    *Left touchpad click: activates the in-game inventory
    *Right click: activates the ReShade GUI for preset swapping
    *Upper click: activates the Steam Overlay GUI
    *Touchpad Swipe Up: Toggles the Star Citizen Warp to planets in Cheat Engine
    *Touchpad Swipe Down: Toggles the real-time, in-game Field Of View slider. (Use d-pad left and d-pad right to zoom in or zoom out)
    *Touchpad Swipe Right: Takes an in-game screenshot with Steam
    *Touchpad Swipe Left: Toggles the No Man's Sky in-game Helmet FX (CA/Vignette/Scalines/Frost).

    *Touchpad Multi Touch: Toggles Borderless - Fullscreen
    *Holding D-pad Left + R3 for 1 second will auto open No Man's Connect.
    *Holding D-Pad Down + R3 for 2 seconds will auto load load the cheat engine profile


    Other Info:

    BordlessWindowed.exe is an amazing program.
    A small program that gets minimized in your taskbar.
    It can make any fullscreen window borderless, or any bordered window into borderless-fullscreen

  • speaker_notes Installation

    You must install cheat engine from to use RaYRoD's Cheat Engine Table.
    - More Detailed Instructions Included in the Archive.

  • event_note Changelog

    1. Fixed *Darc.Planets.City.Biomes+E3 Effects* from not loading
    2. Fixed *Darc Tech* Content
    3. Added large Grenade Radius
    4. Other minor tweaks and fixes.


    1. Now using the 98% fully original updated Mojo ReShade by my friend CyBerCyrus with a fixed Depth Field Option
    - Page up = ReShade GUI
    - Page Down = Toggle ReShade Effects
    - NUM * = Screenshot

    2. Updated Darc Tech and No Tech pack content to the latest

    3. Added *Instant Button Reaction* (Optional)

    4. Added more optional Mods

    5. More slight subfolder organizations

    5. Other compatibility Changes

     (Visual Aesthetics Update)

    1. Created and imported *New trippy 4k space stations with traktor looking beams*
    2. Imported *Realistic black holes*
    3. Imported *HD Raindrops and HD Smoke*
    4. Imported *HD Sentinels *
    5. Added *HD Water*
    6. Added *HD Monoliths and Ruins*
    7.  Imported *Gold, HD drones*
    8. Imported *Blue Grenades*
    9. Imported *Thick Tradelines*


    Added More Addable/Swappable/Optional Mods:
    1. Created a new *Transparent, E3 Inventory with smaller box size (Optional)*
    2. New *Realistic Black Galactic Map* (Optional) - A Black shiny, realistic, galactic map to be used with lawn reality crescent worlds+black space :P

    3. *Instagram Filter Remover* (Optional)
    4. * Chromatic Abberation Remover * (Optional)
    5. *No Speed Lines In Space* (Optional)
    6. *No Speed Tunnel In Space* (Optional)
    7. *Procedural Generation Static Removal* (Optional)




    1. Re-added *RaYRoDs_NMS_Ps4_Profile_for_NMS_PC* and *RaYRoD's Cheat Engine Table.rar* and *Reshade + Sweetfx.rar* because I forgot to include it in the latest update.
    The cheat engine table is inside of RaYRoDs_NMS_Ps4_Profile_for_NMS_PC.rar.

    2. Added *RaYRoD invisible binoculars* (Optional) into the default mod directory
    3. Added *No Pickups* (Optional) by Redma
    4. *No Launch Takeoff Cost* Added to RaYRoD's Community Mod (No Tech)



    Changes + Tweaks:
    1. Isolated The E3 Effects, textures, and look into a seperate pack called NMS E3 Textures+Effects (Optional) with an alterntive called NMS E3 Textures+Effects+AlwaysLush (Optional), for those who may desire to play without the E3 vibe as the original game look. Or also for those who may want to play with the original game look with *HQ SMOKE – FOG – CLOUD – RAIN – EFFECTS* By Mautz instead.

    2. Isolated the *E3 HUD* into a separate pak.
    3. Ported *For Science* By MRPMG into the RaYRoD Community Pak for compatibility.
    4. Imported *HD Scratched Backpack* By Elca
    5. Imported *Multi-tool HUD* by Jinxter
    6. Other minor compatibility improvements/changes

    Added More Addable/Swappable/Optional Mods:
    1. *HQ SMOKE – FOG – CLOUD – RAIN – EFFECTS* (Optional) By Mautz 
    3. *Beast LCARS HUD* (Optional)
    4. *BigThings %50* (Optional)
    5. *E3 HUD* (Optional)
    6. *MINIHUD* By TOFFLER (Optional)
    7. A mostly transparent Binoculars, *Scanner RETEXTURE* By Hammyg (Optional)
    8. All optional variations of *Use The Binoculars (Less Icons)* (Optional)
    9. Re-added *Constructs* (Was Missing Before) (Optional)
    10. *Darc City+Biomes + E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    11. *Darc Biomes-Only + E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    12. *Darc Cities + E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    13. *Darc Cities+Biomes (No E3 Textures+Effects* (Optional)
    14. *COOL SPACESHIP CONTROLS* By Redma (Optional)

    Added Performance Mods:
    1. *No Air Particles* Or Fireflies* By ivXtreme
    2. *No Lens Flare* By ivXtreme
    3. *No Weather And Dust Visuals* By ivXtreme



    1. Fixed Plutonium not spawning or scanning properly

    2. Fixed some tech/products still being renamed on the No Tech Version (Please report if I missed anything. Thanks!)

    3. Added Compatibility for Darc Biomes+Cities that's included.

    4. Made PersistanceDistanceCreatures mod separate, since it has various versions and different versions may be more preferable to others (500% included by default in _PersistenceDistanceCreatures1.2.6_500%.pak and others in the swappable mods folder).

    5. Removed all base building restrictions and limits for all build items and no items remove grass any longer.

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