No Mans Sky: Base Builder for Blender

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  • descriptionDescription

    A plugin for Blender to help build bases in No Mans Sky.

    • Build bases for No Mans Sky using proxy representations for building parts.
    • Complete freedom of movement when placing building parts - use Blender manipulation tools to translate and rotate base parts wherever you want.
    • Define presets to build complex items quickly. Share or download presets online.
    • Save and Load bases.
    • Import and Export base data compatible with the No Mans Sky Save Editor.
  • event_noteChangelog
    • Added under water parts to the list.
    • Added and improved snap point information and relationships.
    • Improved appearance of L shape hallway pieces.
    • Implemented first phase of mod support. (see readme for more details.)
    • Light objects now create blender lights.
    • Improved room visibility switch to display current mode.
    • Added "Lighted" as an option on room visibility.
    • Added colour options.
    • Improved overall UI. Changed to collapsable areas and added button icons.
    • Changes to snapping information.
    • Added nice name mechanism to base parts.
    • Improved and added various models.
    • New Snapping area in the tool. With convenient Duplicate button. (Expect some items would not snap yet!)
    • Items with compatible snapping will automatically snap on creation.
    • Fixed a bug where the tool would dissapear when no item was selected.
    • Re-organised Basic parts into more granular categories (floors, stairs, walls, etc)
    • Added obj for BUILDSODA2L and CUBESTAIRS.
    • Added options for defining and building presets.
    • Added obj for large paving, pipe and curved pipe.


    • Added a tool button to toggle between visible, ghost and hidden room parts.
    • Added display support for various decorations and other items...
          - Chairs
          - Locker
          - Sofas
          - Worktop
          - Ceiling light
          - Cube Inner Doors
          - Cube Walls
          - Large Desk
          - Robotic Arm
          - Shelf Panel
          - Roof Monitor
          - Weapon Rack
          - Plant Pot
          - Ladder
          - Main room Window


    •  Initial release
    •  Limited set of base parts, unsupported items will create simple cubes.
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