No Mans Sky 1.38 Cheat Engine Trainer (Steam and GoG)

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    Working table for latest Steam update (Atlas Rises)


    Inf Health
    Inf Sprint
    Inf Jetpack
    Inf Scanner
    Inf Life Support
    Inf Ammo
    Inf Grenades
    Inf Mining Beam
    Inf Terrain Mapper
    Inf Hazard Protection
    No Overheat
    No Ship Overheat
    Inf Hyperdrive
    Inf Phase Beam
    Inf Launch Thrusters
    Inf Pulse Engine
    Inf Deflector Shield
    Inf Exocraft Boost
    Inf Fusion Engine
    Inf Exocraft Mining Laser
    Inf Exocraft Cannon
    Summon Exocraft Anywhere
    Money Pointer/Multiplier
    Element Gathering Multiplier
    Stack Modifiers
    Bypass Locks
    Aquire All Glyphs
    Unlock All Technology Recipes
    Unlock All Product Recipes (Broken)
    Ignore Crafting Requirements
    Inf Items
    Build Anywhere
    Always Have Conversation Item
    Time Of Day(Hotkeys)
    -TOD(PAGEUP=Back One Hour/PAGEDOWN=Ahead One Hour)
    Current Inventory Stats Pointer
    Highlighted Item Pointer W/Full Dropdown List
    Journey Pointers
    Kill All Pirates
    Always Summon Freighter Battle (Broken)
    Wanted Level
    -No Sentinels
    -Wanted Level Pointer

    Blink Notes: This script is still pretty buggy. Its very easy to clip underground so its best used with Inf Jetpack. Also make sure you have a Plasma Launcher so you can get back through the ground. My comparison isn't that great either so on occasion you may see an animal go flying! Due to how the game handles coordinates I wont really be working to improve this. But its still pretty fun to use.

    >>Scripts From an Older Table(Credits go to their respective creators)
    Universal Translator(Decode Words)
    Inventory Slot Pointers
    Laser Color
    Mouseover Object Pointer
    One Hit Kill
    Anti-Profanity Filter

    Unlock All Technology/Product RecipesĀ - Credit goes to their respective owners. I took the script and just updated the AOB and added the new content to get it working for the foundation update.

  • event_note Changelog

    Update 46 - Added Aquire All Glyphs and Journey Pointers.

    Update 45 - Fixed an issue with Inf Launch Thrusters.

    Update 44 - Updated Inf Items.

    Update 43 - Inf Items should work for refueling now. Rewrote Inf Launch Thrusters. Fixed an issue with Universal Translator.

    Update 42 - Updated for 1.38.

    Update 41 - Updated for 1.37. I will only update the Blink script if there are requests for it. I just didn't feel like doing the work right now lol.

    Update 40 - Updated for 1.35.

    Update 39 - Updated for 1.34

    Update 38 - Updated for 1.33

    Update 37 - Completed and reorganized the DDL.

    Update 36 - Fixed Always Have Conversation Item again... Added a new function to Highlighted Item Pointer to make life a little easier.
    Numpad 1 - Set Max Quantity Of Item
    Numpad 2 - Restores Damaged Item
    Also changed the hotkey for Blink.

    Update 35 - Fixed Always Have Conversation Item.

    Update 34 - Fixed Inf Launch Thrusters and Always Have Conversation Item. The instruction for the Product Table is completely eluding me at the moment. But I'll keep looking.
    It seems best to make a new save when using this table. TOD and Inventory Slot Pointers work properly on a fresh start.

    Update 33 - Added Inf Terrain Mapper. Ignore Crafting Requirements is fixed! Edit - Nevermind it keeps breaking.. Edit 2 - Ok. Should be fixed now!

    Update 32 - Added some more tech blueprints. Added items to the DDL.

    Update 31 - Fixed Unlock All Tech Recipes. Pretty sure there is still missing recipes.

    Update 30 - Fixed a couple scripts and added more to the DDL.

    Update 29 - Got a few more scripts working. Added a few entries to the DDL.

    Update 28 - Added a table that should work for both Steam and GOG. Added a Blink script to the Steam/GOG table.

    Update 27 - Updated for 1.24. Added sbryzl's script for product stack.

    Update 26 - Added Stack Mod for Products.

    Update 25 - Added a Money Multiplier, Element Gathering Multiplier and Stack Modifiers. First one belongs to sbryzl. Second one is mine. Ill make a product one in a bit.

    Update 24 - Added Multitool Technology to Unlock All Technology Recipes.

    Update 23 - Fixed Ignore Crafting Requirements. Should work across all game modes now.

    Update 22 - Fixed Always Have Conversation Item.

    Update 21 - Updated for 1.23.

    Update 20 - Added Game Speed.

    Update 19 - Added Current Inventory Stats Pointer! Let me know if there are any issues with this one.

    Update 18 - Added Build Anywhere. I haven't tested this since I modified a game file to do the same thing.

    Update 17 - Readded Summon Exocraft Anywhere.

    Update 16 - Added Inf Exocraft Mining Laser and Inf Exocraft Cannon.

    Update 15 - Updated for the 1.22 update. Removed Summon Exocraft Anywhere, its apparently not needed anymore

    Update 14 - Added Summon Exocraft Anywhere.

    Update 13 - Added Force FOV.

    Update 12 - Added Time Of Day!

    Update 11 - Added Unlock All Technology Recipes.

    Update 10 - Added Unlock All Product Recipes. Still working on Technology and possibly base building items.

    Update 9 - DDL should now be complete.

    Update 8 - Added more stuff to the DDL. I know I'm missing the Positron Ejector for sure so if anyone has come across it can you post the array. None of the geks want to sell me one.

    Update 7 - Added new things to the DDL and cleaned it up a bit. Should be complete but if something is missing let me know.
    EDIT - I lied.. Still missing a lot.

    Update 6 - Fixed Money Pointer. Should be able to change amount now.

    Update 5 - Added Always Have Conversation Item.

    Update 4 - Ignore Crafting Requirements should be working for everything now including Base Building items! Let me know if anyone has an issue with this.

    Update 3 - Added Inf Items (Crafting/Selling) and Ignore Crafting Requirements. Ignore Crafting Requirements is only working on Technology recipes at the moment.

    Update 2 - Added Bypass Locks and added more stuff to the DDL.

    Update 1 - Added Inf Exocraft Boost and Inf Fusion Engine.
    Added a few new things to the DDL.

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