NMS – Star Trek Font replacer

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    ---What this mod does:

    It replace the "GAMEFONT2.TTF" with a Star Trek like Font.

    The mod works for Foundation Update, Pathfinder Updat, Atlas Rises  and NEXT


    !!!!You may have problems, with languages that have non-latin-characters!!!

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    "Sehr geil! Hab' ich auch schon unendlich-lange drinn." - Elca



    For any feedback, questions or bug-reports contact: [email protected]

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Currently no compatible with BEYOND Update!

    How to install:

        "Old NMS":

    -un.zip the Archive

    -Delete the Original "NMSARC.CE11B7EB.pak" an replace it with the Modded one... 

        Found./Pathfind./Atlas Rises Update/NEXT:

    -Create folder called "MODS" in your PCBANK folder ('...No Man's Sky%GAMEDATA%PCBANKS%MODS')

    - import the Mod into the (new) MODS folder

    - don't forget to delete or rename the "Disablemods.txt"


    How to Uninstall:

    -overwrite the Modded-File with the Original-File.

    -or simply delete the file in MODS folder


    [email protected]♥e Fʊη

  • event_note Changelog
    • 1.2.1 ---> Changes in Readme.txt
    • 1.2 ---> Changes in Readme.txt, changed File-Hoster to Mediafire
    • 1.1 ---> Added the Original-File if you want to uninstall the mod
    • 1.0.1  ---> Did little changes in the Readme.txt
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