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  • descriptionDescription

    NMS Custom Model Importer - alpha v0.7
    coded by monkeyman192 and gregkwaste

    Custom blender addon to export models from blender into a format that is compatible with No Man's Sky.

    For a full guide on how to prepare models in blender for exporting read 'Blender Model Setup Guide.txt'
    For a full guide on how to add the exported model into No Man's Sky, read 'Adding Model to Mod Guide.txt'

    Any issues please check the Issues page on github (https://github.com/monkeyman192/NMSModelImporter) and we will attempt to fix them as soon as possible.

    At the moment this addon is limited to exporting static models with textures and collisions. Support will hopefully come in the future for more features!


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    See included files for installation steps.
    Process only involves copying a few files into the blender folder and installing the addon.

  • event_noteChangelog

    2006/11/27 - Initial alpha release (v0.7)

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