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  • description Description

    * I'll be fixing bugs / releasing 1.4 very soon along with adding requested features. Sorry about the inactivity, I've been busy with a few things.

    Mod Manager

    • Easily install / uninstall mods with a single click
    • Built in multi-selection to mass uninstall mods
    • Download the latest mods directly from nomansskymods.com ( Auto installation will be supported in 1.4 )

    Launcher Features

    • Automatic updates
    • Offline mode

    Upcoming Features

    • Backup files
    • Save manager
    • Community tools

    If you run into any issues feel free to PM me.

    This tool uses ConfuserEx by yck1509

  • speaker_notes Installation


    Extract the archive onto your desktop and run Mod Manager Launcher.exe

    If the launcher is unable to locate the main NMS folder you will be asked to set a path manually



    Installation errors

    1. Close NMS Mod Manager.exe 
    2. Open Task Manager to ensure that the manager has shutdown
    3. Run Mod Manager Launcher.exe as administrator
    4. ( Optional ) If needed, whitelist the launcher or disable your antivirus

    Updating mods list / download loop

    This is most likely caused by your antivirus or firewall blocking out NMS Mod Manager.

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.3
    Standalone Launcher

    • The standalone launcher has been rewritten and compressed to a smaller size
    • All files will be downloaded to the NMS Mod Manager folder on the desktop

    Version 1.1
    Automatic updates

    • View & download the latest mods directly from the latest mods tab
    • NMS Mod Manager will automatically check for updates each time it starts up

    Version 1.0
    Simple features implemented

    • Install & uninstall mods with ease
    • Built in path detection ( Supports Steam / GOG / any custom directory )
    • Ability to manually override the set path
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