NMS-MCD – a little No Man’s Sky Mod Conflict Detector

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    Das Programm entpackt die Mods in ein temporäres Verzeichnis und vergleicht den Inhalt auf doppelte Dateien.
    Zum Entpacken der PAK-Dateien wird intern das PSARCTool verwendet. Die MBIN-Dateien werden mit dem MBINCompiler entpackt.
    Vielen Dank an die Entwickler für die grossartige Leistung.

    Zum Vergleichen der exml-Dateien wird xmldiff verwendet.

    Die Dateien werden auf xml-ebene verglichen und gemerged. Es ist mehr ein technischer merger anstatt ein logischer (es berücksichtigt keine Spielspezifischen Strukturen). Ob es funktioniert merkt man am erfolgreichen kompilieren mit dem MBIN-Compiler.

    Ich versuche das Programm aktuell zu halten, kann aber nichts versprechen. Ich mach das nur als Hobby.
    Nun wünsche ich allen viel Spass.
    Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr.

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    The program unpacks the mods into a temporary directory and compares the contents if duplicate files are present.
    The PSARCTool is used internally to unpack the PAK files. The MBIN files are unpacked with the MBINCompiler.
    Many thanks to the developers for the great performance.

    xmldiff are used to compare the exml files.
    xmldiff is a simple command line tool to demonstrate libxmldiff functionnalities.
    libxmldiff aims at providing efficient diff on XML files (C library)
    Features are:
        Detection of modified items, added items, removed items
        Not sensitive to item position changes (based on a id).
        Designed to support large XML files (about 100 Mo). For larger files,
        treat these files with XML Pre Diff Tool would be a good idea.
        Basic XML manipulation (XSLT, Deletion,...)
        Scripting abilities
        Simple to use

    The files are compared and merged at xml level. It's more a technical merger than a logical one (it doesn't consider game specific structures). Whether it works or not can be seen from the successful compilation with the MBIN compiler.

    I try to keep the program up to date, but I can't promise anything. I only do this as a hobby.
    Now I wish everyone a lot of fun.
    Use at your own risk.

  • event_note Changelog


    v1.00 - initial release
    v1.01 - added ini-file support. directories are now loaded automatically from the ini-file at startup
    v1.02 - program revised and more clearly arranged
    v1.02.1 - PSArcTool-Path now working
    v1.03 - new: area to compare, edit and merge the exml (for the moment a very, very, very, very stupid and unintelligent algorithm, didn't go better); improvements in speed, clarity and transparency
    v1.04 - wasn't good
    v1.05 - design rework, uses temporary folders, comparison should work in one direction, try it out
    v1.05.01 - psarc is no longer needed, it is internally integrated, new button added to open the unpacked mod folder
    v1.06 - the size of the window can now be changed
    v1.07 - improved performance, synchrone scrollbars, redesign, remove bugs, the comparison usually works, merging doesn't work yet, It's hard to do
    v1.08 - using xmldiff as comparer and merger
    v1.10 - new ModManager: using the current libMBIN.dll to test compatibility (the file must be in the same directory as the main program); if the directory for the unpacked files is specified, then the original file is loaded automatically when comparing, try it out
    v1.11 - ModManager improved, some Bugfixing


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