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    This is basically a merged mod of some of the most popular No Man's Sky Mods. I will do my best to keep it up to date but if you have a mod included in this or want to help in any way please feel free to submit a pull request.

    This has been overhauled to only include mods that I feel are essential to the game and need patches for compatibility. I have removed a lot of mods from previous versions to actually make this more customizable. For example, I removed mods that alter the flight mechanics as there are multiple versions of those mods that conflict with each other but no other mods and are really personal preference.

    I am working on a big project currently that will require NMSMasterMod as a dependency so I want to make sure NMSMasterMod is as lean and efficient as possible. Please see the "Recommended Mods" section below for the additional mods I would recommend installing along-side.

    Mods included will:

    • Be fully compatible with each other, this is the number 1 priority
    • Make every effort to follow NMS Vanilla art style and theme.
    • Avoid changing the difficulty of the game drastically (mods that make the game inreasingly easier will not be included).
    • Make every attempt to avoid negatively affecting performance.
    • Allow maximum customizability and compatibility with other popular mods not included (thus the addition of the [Recommended Mods](# Recommended Mods) Section).

    Included Mods

    • SimCity 5300 by theFisher86
      • Buildable vehicles, buildings, teleports and more. All fully customizable with color
    • Megaliths by MsrSgtShooterPerson
      • Huge towering rocks and plants to make the game way more alien
    • Constructs by MsrSgtShooterPerson
      • Great structures that follow the vanilla art style perfectly (most use freighter textures).
    • Alien Structures by Gamer
      • More amazing alien structures, many with interactable landing pads and the ability to build within them!
    • Dismantle Core Components by Koori254
      • Allows you to dismantle all the components on your ship and move them around. Do Not dismantle something you don't have a recipe for!
    • Exocraft Scan Booster by Tub0Crisco
      • Remixed to require the vehicle scanner upgrade level 2 (originally worked on normal scanner)
      • Provides more scan options
    • Origins - A Story Untold by Nadalle
      • New models and buildings with a some lore to go along with them!
    • Efficient Harvesters by homesick
      • Makes Harvesters make sense to use.

    Recommended Mods

    To ensure maximum compatibility A LOT of really awesome mods were removed from this mod pack. Not because I don't think they're awesome but because they were one of multiple options and I don't want to restrict people by forcing them to use the mods I like.

    • A Flight Model Overhaul - there are many options but some of the most popular are:
    • Dark Space by jeveir- This makes the game look awesome but may cause performance issues. If you add it and your FPS drops like crazy, bummer.
    • Everything Tradeable by Rapta - I think this is pretty cool but it dramatically changes how the game is played as you can buy/sell everything now.
    • More Ships per System by jaszhix - Great for screenshots and is fantastic but it does mean that your univerese will be highly populated. Also with NMS Master Mod, due to the landing pads on some of the Alien Structures models you may have a swarm of pilots flying around your planet if you're nearby an Alien Structure with landing pads.
    • No Man's Customs by JakeBurchDev - I almost didn't remove this one because it's so great but not everyone may want an extra fast vehicle. But I would almost say this is required, it makes the game so much more fun.
    • CJs Warp Mod by cjhaley - The warp effect in vanilla is stupid, this fixes that.
    • Better Landing by elca - Allows you to see and land on landing pads from farther away.
    • Big Quads - Just makes Quads larger, looks cool


    Important Stuff to Remember

    • DO NOT ask mod creators for updates or ETAs on updates or demand things.  For every update request/demand/ETA I receive I will stop working on the mod for that day (thus delaying the update).  This is by far the most annoying aspect of modding and is what causes mod creators to quit modding.  Please don't do it.
    • We're all doing this for free. 
    • There is a distinct limit to what is possible via mods in No Man's Sky.  A lot of games have systems that just aren't existent in NMS (for example, scripted events).  This makes things that you see in other games really hard to do in this game.  So when making feature requests, suggestions, etc please keep in mind that there's a lot of stuff we can't do.
    • Bug reports are always welcome, however, bug complaints are not.  Report the problem, don't complain about it, this isn't your companies IT help desk.
  • speaker_notes Installation

    Download 2 files the most recent Model file and the most recent Data file. They both not be included in every release but make sure you always have the most recent version of both. I'll try to include a link to the most recent version where I can.

    • If you're installing on an existing save game, PLEASE make sure to save in a space station before installing this mod, otherwise you may end up inside the planet! There's also a chance your base will be covered by plants or experience some issues. This is best installed on a new game but by no means requried.
    • Put both of these into your /PCBANKS/MODS/ folder in your NMS install directory
    • Make sure to delete/rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file in /PCBANKS/
    • Profit!
  • event_note Changelog

    - Version 1.0!  There's been enough testing and fixes to where I'm comfortable calling this a full release!
    - Removed a lot of mods to improve compatibility
    - Added Constructs in a way that it won't cause problems (it spawns the same as the other new models mods)
    - Update to SimCity 5300
    - Lots of other behind the scenes fixes.


    Some new mods added and some bug fixes from the last release.
     - Fixed an issue in SimCity 5300 that caused a bug with the vehicles.  You now must build a garage and "hack" it to obtain the vehicle blueprints
     - Removed Dark Space due to performance issues.  Hopefully they'll be fixed and it can be re-added
     - Switched my tweaked CJs Warp Mod for the normal version
     - Added Exocraft Scan Booster Remix
     - Added No Mans Customs
     - Added Better Landing
     - Removed Terrain Avoidance in the Flight Model
     - Added Origins an Untold story


    Tons of new mods added/updated. Some new visuals, new buildable stuff, some QOL tweaks... This is a major update! This will also be the first update pushed out to the mod sites.

    • Updated SimCity 5300 to v1.5
      • Full Color Customization
      • Buildable vehicles
      • New Teleporter model
      • Ship Summoner
    • Updated Megalith to R6
      • Major Additions
      • R6 officially releases the first version of Megaliths 50%, a Megaliths branch that focuses on reduced scale and density for Megalithic objects!
      • x64, x32, x16 scale sizes are now x50, x25, and x13 respectively!
      • Density for all objects have been reduced by 50%.
      • Changes (applicable to normal and 50% edition)
      • Underwater Megaliths has been re-activated - a 'mistransplant' to the new Path Finder spawn list caused them to spawn only in underwater tiles but restricted above water level - which meant literally nowhere possible.
      • Frozen dead trees have been removed from x64 scale. Mountain-sized dead trees are kind of silly.
      • Still available at non x64 scale.
      • Underwater platform rock has been removed from x64 scale. Makes planets completley unlandable.
      • Still available at lower than x64 scale.
    • Added Constructs Alpha R3 R2
      • 7 new hand-crafted models by yours truly that use the game's freighter textures! All new Constructs will be built with re-usable textures in order to cut down on file size! (From 15MB per new Construct, to 300-500KB per Construct!)
      • Procedural skyscrapers in 3 archetypes and lots of parts to choose from!
    • Added SpaceFlight Overhaul
      • It is more “involved” and allows a higher top speed.
      • You can turn your ship in space and as long as you arent throttling, you can look around without your direction changing at any speed.
      • It features lower acceleration than the original pulse engine, but in turn you are able to reach a much higher top speed, allowing much more precise control of your speed.
      • When you release the boost button, you no longer lose your gained
        speed, so you can finally cruise in space at high speeds.
      • Turning is no longer instant, so you will have to plan your destination ahead of time, or risk hitting asteroids/space stations.
      • There's an actual point to using your brakes now.
      • The ability to hover on planets.
      • The ability to go in reverse on planets.
      • The ability to fly low on planets.
        - Reduced planetary thrust, increased planetary boost forces. (25% reduction to normal engine, 75% increase to booster) to better control your speeds
    • Added Custom Warp Effect based on CJs Warp Mod
    • Added Dark Space by jeveir
    • Added Everything Tradeable by Rapta
    • Added More Ships per System with Duds Asteroids packaged in it
    • Added Alien Structures V3
      • Additional tweaks made for compatibility with Megaliths/Constructs
    • Updated Splash Screen

    For Full ChangeLog check The GitHub page

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