NMS “Eclipse” Mod Pack

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    My version of the right mods for a great game No Man's Sky
    There are both mine and third-party works.
    Mod Pack is compatible with all the latest No Man's Sky patches, since version 1.2

    Content Folder GAMEDATA \ PCBANKS \ Mods \ :

    1. _10% Launch Cost.pak - Reduction of plutonium costs during take-off to 10% of full load.
    2. _Asteroids Rebalance.pak - A complete rebalance of the asteroid fields, frequency, quantity and diversity of extracted resources.
    3. _Atmospheric Weather.pak - Precipitation is now visible not only on the surface of the planets, but also during the flight through the atmosphere.
    4. _Buildings Overhaul.pak - Full retexture of buildings, stations, trade posts, landing areas and other standard structures.
    5. _Crescent Worlds Blackspace.pak - Correct calculation of illumination of planets under observation both from a surface, and in space. The cosmos is now black, as it should be.
    6. _Dinosaurus.pak - Returns to the game dinosaurs and other large animals. They can be up to 15 meters high and fight pretty hard if they get angry.
    7. _Disable Debris Effects.pak - Removes "flying pebbles" when minerals are mined. In the original it looked stupid and unnatural.
    8. _Distance of Creatures 300%.pak - Increase the range of rendering animals three times.
    9. _Ecology.pak - Full rebalance of the research part of the game. Now you can earn not only the extraction of resources, but also the study of planets, animals and plants.
    10. _Helmet Scanner.pak - Scanner's retexture. The aiming frame is more qualitative, marks about already known and not yet open animals and plants.
    11. _HQ Smoke Fog Cloud Rain.pak - Quality retexture of fog, clouds and precipitation.
    12. _HQ Water.pak - Retexture of the water surface.
    13. _Instant Reaction.pak - Instant interaction with objects and NPC's, without having to hold the "Use" button.
    14. _Level of Detail.pak - Elevated level of detail of planets when viewed from space.
    15. _NMS Structures.pak - Additional "mysterious" structures on the surface of the planets. Semantic load is not yet carried, but it looks great.
    16. _No Clouds.pak - Removes clouds when viewed from space. The planets do not look as sloppy as they are with clouds.
    17. _No Glowing Planets.pak - Almost removes the "atmospheric halo" of planets, which in the original looks extremely sloppy and unnatural.
    18. _No Heavy Air Particles.pak - Removes annoying red flying "sticks" in the atmosphere of the planets.
    19. _No Trade Lines.pak - Removes the white lines of "trade routes", which in space is not at all a topic.
    20. _Realistic Tree Size Balanced.pak - Increase the size of trees, shrubs and other flora by 150 to 300%
    21. _Rough Ships.pak - Complete retexture of all ships in the direction of their greater "shabbiness", otherwise they all look as if they were just off the assembly line.
    22. _Russian Vintage Flags.pak - Flag retexture. Now they are almost all on the Soviet theme.
    23 _Shiptrail Remover.pak - Removes a long "jet stream" from starships.
    24. _Spaceship Flight Hard Balance.pak - Complete rework of control of starships, both in space and in the atmosphere of planets. Hanging, reverse, flying "on the bass", etc.
    25. _Window Tint.pak - Normal "toning" booths of starships, that is, they are now not black, as in the original, but translucent.

    Also, the game is completed with my configuration of Reshade Venus, which makes the image much more distinct and not so "colorful" as the original.
    In the game, this filter is turned off or turned on by simply pressing the "Insert" key.


    The following works were used:
    And as some other pilots, whose names and nicknames I do not know.

    For all questions, please contact me or in VKontakte:
    Or mail to the following addresses:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    19.04.2017 Anastasia "MEP3ABKA" Nikonova.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Installation :

    1. Extract the archive to the root directory of the game, for example "D: Games No Man's Sky "
    2. Delete or rename the file "DISABLEMODS.TXT", which is located in the folder "No Man's Sky Gamedata PCBANKS "
    3. Delete the folder "SHADERCACHE", which is located in the directory "No Man's Sky GAMEDATA"
    4. Launch the Game.

    All mods can be used both together and separately, but do not forget that when you delete or add any mod, you need to delete the folder "SHADERCACHE"

  • event_note Changelog

    Ver. 1.0 - Initial Release

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