NMS Development Environment

  • description Description


    This app provides an easy way for people to create mods for No Man's Sky.


    • Select game PAK files, and the app extracts the PAKs with PSARC, and decompiles MBINs with MBINCompiler automatically.
    • Select which files you want to rebuild into a pak file, and the app will compile and compress automatically.
    • Experimental merge conflict reconciliation is attempted when building pak files with conflicting EXMLs.
    • View the decompiled EXML files in a tree view showing which pak file they originated from.
    • Robust code editor built in using Monaco.

    This hasn't been tested much yet, so assume there will be bugs and report them to the Github repository. Thanks!

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Install the app.
    • Select the workspace directory you want to use.
    • Open pak file(s), and the app will copy them to the workspace directory and start processing them.
    • Wait patiently.
    • Start modding!
  • event_note Changelog


    • Added a context menu for the file tree. Includes Select/Deselect All, Expand/Collapse All options, and Remove From Workspace.
    • Fixed a couple issues preventing PAK files from being created.
    • Fixed the importation step getting stuck when PAK files contain no MBINs.
    • Fixed the syntax coloring not switching to XML, after selecting a BIN file.
    • Added more logging, including when the app attempts to merge conflicting EXML files.


    • Added support for BIN files.
    • Fixed a bug excluding non-EXML files from from built PAK files.
    • Fixed a bug causing all the workspace files to be re-processed when adding files to the workspace.
    • Fixed the scroll range visibility in the file tree when several PAKs are expanded.
    • Improved the extraction and decompiling processes.
    • Addressed issues with the status not updating.
    • Made the file tree sidebar resizeable.
    • Updated MBINCompiler to the newest release.


    • Fixed an issue causing PSARC/MBINCompiler to not work when spaces are in the workspace path.
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