Night Time Discovery S,b-Class Ships

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    I made the world darker but now it was hard to navigate so i thought wouldn't it be cool to go exploring at night now with a light but the ships currently do not have one. So i added 1 to my ship and i really liked it so i thought i would upload it to the community and see what you think. If this is a liked idea i will continue to add lights to other ships for this same purpose :). Current ship with lights are all ships i hope if i have missed one please let me know so i can fix it ASAP.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Remove the old _ShipwithaLight.pak from the mods folder and place the 2 files from the package into the mod folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    Works with 1.37 - (1.38 Experimental)


    Added lights to all Exterior and Interior of all ships.


    Added a seconds screen shot to see the light on while landed.

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