Multiple player freighters on the same system in multiplayer

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    Normally, when you try to warp your freighter in a system where another's player freighter is present, the game prevents it with the message "Other players freighter already present". What this mod does is remove that restriction.

    It does that by modifying the file GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN (so it will conflict with any mod that already modifies it). The only change that this mod does on that file is changing the flag for MultiplePlayerFreightersInASystem from false to true.

    It does the same as this one but for the latest version of the game.


    Just to be sure, make a backup of your savefile before trying this mod.


    If you have this mod and other people in your party doesn't, the other players will still be able to see and visit your freighter like normal, even if another player's freighter is already present in the system.

    Only the players with this mod installed will be able to override the freighter limit in a system. Take this into account if you plan to play with people that doesn't have it. For example, if you're playing with a friend, and you have the mod and your friend doesn't, if you warp your freighter first inside a system, your friend will not be able to warp theirs. In that case, I would recommend that your friend warp their freighter first and then you, but taking into account that, after your freighter arrives at the system, your friend will not be able to move or warp again theirs.

  • speaker_notes Installation


    Put the file MultipleFreightersMultiplayer.pak in the folder:


    In addition to that, you have to remove or rename the file DISABLEMODS.TXT in:



    Put the file MultipleFreightersMultiplayer.lua in your ModScript folder and run BUILDMOD.bat

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0

    • Changed the value for MultiplePlayerFreightersInASystem in GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN from false to true.
    • Compatible with the 3.0 version of the game (Origins)

    Version 3.13

    • Compatible with the 3.13 version of the game
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