MorShips for Atlas Rising

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    MorShips adds new, custom, ships to the game. These ships will be generated randomly throughout the game just like Fighters, Haulers, Explorers, Shuttles and Exotic ships. You can find these ships at trade stations, space stations, freighters and even random landing pads if you're lucky.

    In addition to being able to fly these ships, they've been added to the pirate list.. So there's a chance you might get jumped by one (or more) of these ships. If that's not enough, fret not because I've also added some of them in as police ships, instead of the regular attacking Sentinel which are still in the pool of police ships.

    There are a lot of additional .pak files added to this update. I've created 9 different ship generation .pak files to tailor to a player's desired preference and each ship gen .pak file can be removed/installed as desired.
    Note: Be sure to use only one ship generation .pak file at a time (to avoid conflicts) and be sure to always use at least one, otherwise the game will revert to vanilla ships only.
    (Please consult the "Add-On_Paks.txt" for more details.)

    MorShips v1.0 introduced the first 16 ships:
    - "Evil Gravity" by SKConcepts of
    - "Falcon Flyer" by Link101 of
    - "Feisar" by vertexus of
    - "Gryphn Warp Fighter" by Andrew Gillespie, GK Designs & more.*
    - "Kirshak's Hopper" by Kirshak of No Man's Sky & Discord.
    - "Krant Fighter" by of
    - "Luminaris Starship" by iggy-design of
    - "Miku's Space Capsule" by codealdnoah & Senpai-3689 of
    - "Millennium Falcon" by albertomarun of
    - "Nimbus 2000" by Inuciian of**
    - "Pod Racer" by UnSweet of
    - "Reaper" by HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog.*
    - "Reaper FX" by HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog.*
    - "Tristan" by of
    - "U.F.O." by Kremit DeFrog.*
    - "Voot Cruiser" by tailsplayfun of

    Another 16 ships in v2.0:
    - "Cylon Raider" by marian87 of
    - "InterGalactic Spaceship" by 3DHaupt of
    - "JellyFish" by Kayucoman of 3DWarehouse & rubenhv of*
    - "Max Delta" by Miru of (Azimkulov Ayan).
    - "Mobius Strahl" by KekeMcGee of
    - "Puddle Jumper" by 3dregenerator of
    - "Shuttle Type 9" by Staffan Norling (Squapper_Stuffe) of*
    - "Tie Fighter" by James R Bassett of
    - "(Advanced/Vader) Tie Fighter" by James R Bassett of
    - "Tie Interceptor" by James R Bassett of
    - "Trident" by jargraf of
    - "Viper mk2" by marian87 of 3DWarehouse.
    - "Viper mk7" by marian87 of 3DWarehouse.
    - "X-17 Viper" by Herminio Nieves.*
    - "X-Wing" by Corra_Ashu.*
    - "Yeti Fighter" by Anthonely Lora of

    Ships added in v3.0:
    - "Arwing" by Wesley Pontes of
    - "Baron Bi-Plane" (Cartoony) by Sinh Nguyen of
    - "Bubble Ship" by Robin Butler of
    - "Cartoon Air Pirate" by of
    - "Cobra Raider" by of
    - "Corsair" (Cartoony) by Sinh Nguyen of
    - "F-14 Tomcat" by j7r41n of
    - "F/A-18E Super Hornet" by CEGTA of
    - "Falcon Blue" by MightJetters of
    - "HG-X" by Kremit DeFrog & HelloGames.*
    - "Holocom" by Kremit DeFrog & HelloGames.*
    - "Korben's Taxi" by Sander Wilbrink of
    - "Kremit" by Kremit DeFrog & HelloGames.*
    - "NightStalker" (aka NightHawk) by HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog.*
    - "Pelican" by What_Zen of
    - "Phoenix" by HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog.*
    - "Rick & Morty" by Cr8g of, Virakotxa & Monkeyman192.*
    - "Samus' Ship" by Peardian of
    - "Spectre" was built from a Keyblade Glider made available by Zerox of
    - "Swordfish" by Skinrar of
    - "TeckMach" by MrTeckmachin of
    - "Trimaxion Drone" by Nadalee of (aka GamerGirl89 of NoMansSkyMods).
    - "USS Planet Express Ship" by trekkie148 of & Kremit DeFrog.*
    - "X-Ghost" by Paolofix21 of
    - "YT-2400" by Daniel of

    Non-Ships added in v3.0:
    - "Ar18 Argon Atom" by Kremit DeFrog.
    - "Astroman" by luci-fan of
    - "ERF" ("Earth is Really Flat")² by Kremit DeFrog.
    - "Magic Flying Carpet" by Kremit DeFrog.
    - "Ribbon Comet" by Sirhaian of
    - "Starman" by carbp of & oranhunter of*
    - "Strangelove"³ by raphi14 of

    * See "ShipCreds.txt" for additional details, including source links.
    ** Nimbus 2000 was moved to the "Non-Ships" file and replaced with Rick & Morty's Car. My apologies for any inconvenience.
    ²: Model was created for entertainment purposes only. Kremit DeFrog does not support, or believe in, a Flat Earth.
    ³: Model was altered from original form to pay homage to "Dr Strangelove" and not World War 2. Kremit DeFrog does not endorse mass murder/genocide.

    NOTE: My HoloHUD mod is used in this MOD! If you've previously downloaded the HoloHUD mod, you can delete your "HUD-Cockpit.pak" file, but I would recommend ensuring the remaining HUD-(shiptype).pak files are up-to-date as file paths have changed.

    I've included additional .pak files to tailor the HoloHUD for players. Some may enjoy the HUD but feel the SpaceMap Radar immersion too annoying or difficult to utilize, or maybe feel bothered by the hexagon scanline backdrop screen.
    I've included four .pak files so players can revert the SpaceMap Radar, remove the Hexagon scanline backdrop or completely change out the HoloHUD with a Vanilla-Based "Bubble" or "Shuttle" cockpit.

    Thanks for downloading, please enjoy the mod and do not rip any of the models.. ask the authors via the cited sources in the ShipCreds file or do some Googling..


  • speaker_notes Installation

    MorShips is broken into multiple .pak files; some necessary and some optional.

    HoloHUD is included in this mod. Therefore, if you're already using the HoloHUD mod, please delete your current HUD-Cockpit.pak file.
    You will still need your up-to-date HUD-(shiptype).pak files for any ships you want to have the HoloHUD cockpit.
    Please see section for HoloHUD below for more info regarding the HoloHUD and optional/alternative configurations.

    Preparing to Install:
    (If you have manually installed mods before, please contine to the Installing MorShips [step 3].)
    Step 1) Navigate to your (SteamPath)SteamAppscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS folder and create a new folder named "MODS".
    Step 2) Delete/relocate & rename the disablemods.txt file in the PCBANKS folder.

    Installing MorShips:
    Step 3) Copy Krem-MorShips_v30.pak to your "(SteamPath)SteamAppscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS" folder.
    Note!! If you are updating this mod, please delete "Krem-MorShips_v10.pak" and/or "Krem-MorShips_v20.pak" if present.

    Now the game should be able to see the new ship files. However, to spawn/generate the ships you'll need to install an AI Spawner .pak file.
    Only use one AI Spawner at a time! AI Spawners can be swapped in/out whenever desired, just be sure you only use one Spawner .pak at a time as they will conflict.

    Installing AI Spawner:
    Step 4) Install your AI Ship Generating Preference to your "(SteamPath)SteamAppscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS" folder:
    This will load the ships into the proc lists so they can be generated as regular ships.
    Note: If you are updating this mod, please Delete "Krem-ShipGen_v10.pak" and/or "Krem-ShipGen_v20.pak" if present.

    - Krem-ShipGen_v3_EasyNS.pak: All ships generate/spawn. NonShips appear as often as any other ship.
    - Krem-ShipGen_v3_RareNS.pak: All ships generate/spawn. NonShips appear as often as exotic ships.
    - Krem-ShipGenSV_v3_EasyNS.pak: No Vanilla ships, only MorShips+NonShips. NonShips are commonly generated.
    - Krem-ShipGenSV_v3_RareNS.pak: No Vanilla ships, only MorShips+NonShips. NonShips are rarely generated.
    - Krem-ShipGen_v3_NoNS.pak: Vanilla & MorShips only. NonShips are not generated.
    - Krem-ShipGenSV_v3_NoNS.pak: Only MorShips are generated. Both Vanilla and NonShips are omitted.
    - Krem-LoreGen_v3.pak: Generates Vanilla Ships and only the MorShips that are Vanilla/Pre-Release based.
    - Krem-LoreGenSV_v3.pak: Only generates the Vanilla/Pre-Release based MorShips. No Vanilla ships.
    - Krem-StarmanGen_v3.pak: Generates only Starman Roadsters. No Vanilla, No MorShips, No NonShips.
    - No .pak file: removes MorShips from AI generation. Only way to use any of MorShips would be with a save editor*.
    * Ship paths can be found in "FilePaths.txt".

    This mod also has a number of ships that incorporate my HoloHUD mod.
    Using the feedback I've been given, I've provided a few add-on .paks to allow players to tailor their HoloHUD.

    HoloHUD Optional/Alternative Configurations:
    Step 5) (Optional) Install any of the following to your "(SteamPath)SteamAppscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS" folder:
    (Any/all of these .paks can be used simultaneously and can be found in the "HoloHUD Alternatives" folder.)

    - zZ-NoHexScreen.pak: Removes the HoloHUD's transparent hexagon scanline backdrop that can be annoying under a heavy glare.
    - zZ-RevSpaceMap.pak: Reverts the SpaceMap (Radar) from the large and immersive HUD to the vanilla Space Map Radar size & orientation.
    - zZ-ReplaceHHBubble.pak: Replaces the entire HoloHUD with my custom tailored Science Explorer cockpit interior.
    - zZ-ReplaceHHShuttle.pak: Replaces the entire HoloHUD with my custom tailored Shuttle cockpit interior.

    Finally, I've enclosed some extra optional mods of mine that compliment MorShips or make finding "Non-Ship" ships easier.
    Other Included Optional Mods:
    Step 6) (Optional) Install any of the following to your "(SteamPath)SteamAppscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS" folder:
    (These mod .paks are already available online by themselves, if you have downloaded them previously, you do not need to reinstall them.)

    - zZ-CRISPIE.pak: Cost Reduction & Inventory, Stat & Probability Improved Enhancements (highest probability of s-class, SMILE stat bonuses, lowest prices, all ship inventories max 48).
    - zZ-SIDE.pak: Ship Inventory Default Enhancements (this is default probabilities, stat bonuses and prices; just the ability to enhance inventories).
    - zZ-SMILE.pak: Ship & Multitool Inventory & Ludicrous Enhancements (this is the high probability of s-class, class bonuses enhanced, lower prices).
    - zZ-MoarExotics.pak: Greatly increases the frequency of Rare/Exotic ships and reduces the frequency of everything else.

    SIDE, SMILE and CRISPIE all conflict with one another. Only use one at a time. MoarExotics can be used along side any of the three.
    MoarExotics will help make it easier to find Non-Ships such as Starman, the Flying Magic Carpet or the Nimbus 2000


  • event_note Changelog

    I worked very hard, suffered lots of sleepless nights and tension at home that resulted from such actions. Please do not belittle or berate this mod simply because of a bug/glitch, because it doesn't have a ship you want or because you dislike a ship or something on a ship. I'm more than willing to address any issues in this mod that I possibly can (which I haven't found any other than the unfixable Evil Gravity UI issue).

    As for placement of the UI models, like the Evil Gravity having the camera inside the hull, I cannot do anything about that. I have tried, but do not know how the geometry files are exactly used for that.

    If you have compatibility issues, concerns, other issues that are not addressed in the Installation and Troubleshooting text file, feel free to email me.. Please leave comment sections for feature/function/screenshot discussion..

    Thank you for your download and enjoy the mod :)

    Version 1.0:
    Added 16 ships to No Man's Sky AI ship generation.
    Added optional .pak file to remove the HoloHUD's HexScanline Backdrop Screen.

    Version 2.0:
    Added another 16 ships (now 32 total) to No Man's Sky AI ship generation.
    Fixed some minor issues/tweaks on some various ships.
    Added a Hatsune Miku pilot to the Miku Space Capsule.
    Added Tie Fighter custom cockpit.
    Added optional .pak file to revert SpaceMap radar on HoloHUD to vanilla settings.

    Version 3.0:
    Revisited each model to reposition for better handling and successful landing/ship summoning.*
    Added another 32 ships (includes several "non-ship" ships).
    Created numerous AI Spawner .pak files so players can better tailor the ships their game spawns.
    Created two custom cockpits based off Vanilla cockpits to utilize for a number of ships in this mod.
    Created alternate .paks to utilize aforementioned cockpits for replacing the HoloHUD on applicable ships.
    Revised Police proc files so not all of the MorShips are police.
    Revised Pirate proc files so no non-ships will show up as pirates.

    * When landing under extremes (angle, speed, altitude [too low or too high], small landing area, etc) may result in the ship landing partially underground. I have experienced this with Vanilla ships as well. If you are in doubt whether or not you will exit your ship above the surface, go to photo mode before exiting. It is believed wherever the camera ends up is where you would end up should you exit the ship. If the camera is trapped below the surface, you may want to reposition/reland/reload.

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