MorShips for Atlas Rising

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    Due to the fact the download link results in a blank exit page, and this mod is over 100megs in size, please download this mod from Nexus Mods:

    MorShips v2.0
    (for Atlas Rising)

    MorShips is (essentially) my Atlas Rising compatible version of MoarShips. However, whereas MoarShips replaced the shuttle proc scene and descriptor all together, thus removing shuttles from the game, MorShips only adds to the existing proc list by using custom proc scenes added into the AISPACESHIPMANAGER.MBIN.

    This means my custom ships spawn with all of the regular ships; only adding variety to the game, not removing it.

    MorShips adds new ships to the game; v1.0 introduces the first 16 ships:
    - "Evil Gravity" by SKConcepts of
    - "Falcon Flyer" by Link101 of
    - "Feisar" by vertexus of
    - "Gryphn Warp Fighter" by Andrew Gillespie, GK Designs & more*.
    - "Kirshak's Hopper" by Kirshak of No Man's Sky & Discord.
    - "Krant Fighter" by of
    - "Luminaris Starship" by iggy-design of
    - "Miku's Space Capsule" by codealdnoah of
    - "Millennium Falcon" by albertomarun of
    - "Nimbus 2000" by Inuciian of
    - "Pod Racer" by UnSweet of
    - "Reaper" by HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog*.
    - "Reaper FX" by HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog*.
    - "Tristan" by of
    - "U.F.O." by Kremit DeFrog*.
    - "Voot Cruiser" by tailsplayfun of

    Another 16 ships have been added in v2.0, bringing the total to 32 ships:
    - "Ancient Airship" by KekeMcGee of
    - "Cylon Raider" by marian87 of
    - "InterGalactic Spaceship" by 3DHaupt of
    - "JellyFish" by Kayucoman of 3DWarehouse & rubenhv of*
    - "Max Delta" by Miru of (Azimkulov Ayan).
    - "Puddle Jumper" by 3dregenerator of
    - "Shuttle Type 9" by Staffan Norling (Squapper_Stuffe) of*
    - "Tie Fighter" by James R Bassett of
    - "(Advanced/Vader) Tie Fighter" by James R Bassett of
    - "Tie Interceptor" by James R Bassett of
    - "Trident" by jargraf of
    - "Viper mk2" by marian87 of 3DWarehouse.
    - "Viper mk7" by marian87 of 3DWarehouse.
    - "X-17 Viper" by Herminio Nieves.*
    - "X-Wing" by Corra_Ashu.*
    - "Yeti Fighter" by Anthonely Lora of
    - "Hatsune Miku Pilot" by Senpai-3689 of (added to "Miku's Space Capsule" from v1.0).
    * See "ShipCreds.txt" for additional details, including source links.

    These ships will be generated randomly throughout the game just like Fighters, Haulers, Explorers, Shuttles and Exotic ships. You can find these ships at trade stations, space stations, freighters and even random landing pads if you're lucky. In addition to being able to fly these ships, they've been added to the pirate list.. So there's a chance you might get jumped by one (or more) of these ships.

    If that's not enough for you, worry not because I've also added several of the ships as police ships (attacking Sentinel).

    Some of these ships do use my HoloHUD, which is included in this mod (so if you're actually one of the few using the mod, you'll want to delete the Cockpit.pak file). Because these ships force you to use the HoloHUD, I have included an additional .pak file to remove that hexscanline backdrop that was meant to look faint and vaguely visible but ends up so annoying when it's reflecting a glare.

    v2.0 Now includes a .pak file to change the HoloHUD's large and immersive spacemap radar to a more vanilla standard.

    Because this mod uses the AISPACESHIPMANAGER.MBIN, it will conflict with mods that already utilize that file. However, I have packaged my AISPACESHIPMANAGER in a file of it's own for easy tailoring should anyone need to make a compatible copy.

    Any compatibility issues that have been brought to my attention will be addressed and receive a tailored .pak file where possible.. I will also add the .pak(s) for others on the next update.

    For Installation instructions, please consult the "Installation and Troubleshooting" text file.
    For known Compatibility and Conflicts, please consult the "Compatibilty and Conflicts" text file.
    Please see the ShipCreds text file so you know the real authors behind most of this mod.

    Thanks to monkeyman192 for providing mbincompiler and working to keep nmsdk updated. Thanks to gregkwaste for No Man's Sky Model Viewer used to check the integrity of the blender exports. Finally thanks to Nadalee for sharing some material tricks and to RaYRoD for metaphorically re-kindling my modding flame.

    Thanks for downloading, please enjoy the mod and do not rip any of the models.. ask the authors via the cited sources in the ShipCreds file..


    Please post those screenshots of the ships you're enjoying and please keep feedback and requests civil and courteous. Thank you.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    To Install MorShips:
    MorShips is broken into two necessary, but different, .pak files; and two more .pak files included as an optional add-on for the HoloHUD.
    HoloHUD is included in this mod. Therefore, if you're already using the HoloHUD mod, please delete your HUD-Cockpit.pak file. You will still need your HUD-(shiptype).pak files for any ships you want to have the HoloHUD cockpit.
    (If you have manually installed mods before, please advance to step 3.)

    If you're on step 1, thank you for making this your first mod :D.
    1) Navigate to your (Steam folder)SteamAppscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS folder and create a new folder named "MODS".
    2) Delete/relocate & rename the .txt file in the PCBANKS folder.

    3) Copy Krem-MorShips_v20.pak to your MODS folder. This will force the game to load the custom ship files.*
    (Please delete Krem-MorShips_v10.pak if you've installed the previous version of this mod.)
    * To use these files, you either need the AISPACESHIPMANAGER or NMS Save Editor to change the path values for existing ships**.
    ** Ship paths can be found in "ShipCreds.txt".

    4) Copy Krem-ShipGen_v20.pak to your MODS folder. This will load the ships into the proc lists so they can be generated as regular ships.*
    (Please delete Krem-ShipGen_v10.pak if you've installed the previous version of this mod.)
    *Alternatively, if you don't want NPCs flying these ships, or don't want the pirates and police to fly them, you can use a save editor to replace the path values of existing ships**.
    ** Ship paths can be found in "ShipCreds.txt".

    5) (Optional)
    Copy zZ-NoHexScreen.pak if you want to remove the HoloHUD's hexagon scanline backdrop that can be annoying under a heavy glare.
    Copy zZ-RevSpaceMap.pak if you want to revert your spacemap radar to vanilla specs.

  • event_note Changelog

    I worked very hard, suffered lots of sleepless nights and tension at home that resulted from such actions. Please do not belittle or berate this mod simply because of a bug/glitch, because it doesn't have a ship you want or because you dislike a ship or something on a ship. I'm more than willing to address any issues in this mod that I possibly can (which I haven't found any other than the unfixable Evil Gravity UI issue).

    As for placement of the UI models, like the Evil Gravity having the camera inside the hull, I cannot do anything about that. I have tried, but do not know how the geometry files are used for that.

    If you have compatibility issues, concerns, other issues that are not addressed in the Installation and Troubleshooting text file, feel free to email me.. Please leave comment sections for feature/function/screenshot discussion..

    Thank you for your download and enjoy the mod :)

    Version v1.0:
    Added 16 ships to No Man's Sky AI ship generation.
    Added optional .pak file to remove the HoloHUD's HexScanline Backdrop Screen.

    Version v2.0:
    Added another 16 ships (now 32 total) to No Man's Sky AI ship generation.
    Fixed some minor issues/tweaks on some various ships.
    Added a Hatsune Miku pilot to the Miku Space Capsule.
    Added Tie Fighter custom cockpit.
    Added optional .pak file to revert SpaceMap radar on HoloHUD to vanilla settings.

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