More Photo Mode Filters

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    The mod activates all the filters used by the game at various locations or situations to make them available in Photo mode. It currently adds:
    5 Planet Filters
    6 Storm Filters
    8 Weird Filters

    These are filters already present in the base game but not available in Photo mode, none of them are my creation, at least for now.

    Compatible with THE ABYSS 1.71
    For compatibility with Lo2k's Trad FR, please go to:

    This mod might not be compatible with other modifications to the Camera filters or any language fixes, more precisely, any other mod that modifies:

    Also, because there are pretty good chances that Hello Games fix some text issues in futures patches, I would recommend to delete this mod right after a new update and to wait for a new version of my files.

    Languages adaptation:
    Since I could not figure how to add new text without breaking all the menus, this mod replaces apparently unused filter names (27 names were present in the file, but only half of them are used in Vanilla). Due to this current limitation, I had to name all the Weird filters with the same "Weird" name (weird, isn't it?).

    In order to show the names I gave to the new filters in all languages and to avoid text like PHOTO_FILTER being displayed, I edited the NMS_LOC1 language files for every language with the help of Lo2k's NMS Translator 1.54:

    Please note that I did not test this mod for all languages, but I know that I have no text issues with it in English and French. If you see that you get strange errors in your menus or if the name of the filters are not displayed in your language, please let me know. All languages should have the names in English, except for French.

    Feel free to submit me the filter names in your language, and I will update them!

    Edited language strings in NMS_LOC1:
    PHOTO_FILTER_2{Default Storm}
    PHOTO_FILTER_4{Frozen Storm}
    PHOTO_FILTER_6{Toxic Storm}
    PHOTO_FILTER_10{Barren Storm}
    PHOTO_FILTER_15{Radioactive Storm}
    PHOTO_FILTER_17{Scorched Storm}

  • speaker_notes Installation

    - remove or rename DISABLEMODS.TXT file from PCBANKS folder (I rename it into ENABLEMODS.TXT).
    - create a MODS folder into Steam/steamapps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder.
    - copy/paste included .pak file into the MODS folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.5 - Compatible with THE ABYSS 1.71
    1.4 - Compatible with NEXT 1.61
    1.3 - Compatible with NEXT 1.60
    1.2 - Compatible with NEXT 1.58
    1.1 - Compatible with NEXT 1.55

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