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  • description Description

    This mod increases the number of creatures that can spawn inside 1 square km. This means:
    Sea Creatures
    Ground Creatures
    Air Creatures
    Cave Creatures

    FPS drop is evident on the x1.75 and x2 versions (For me its about 3-4 fps on a gtx 660 so if you have a better GPU you will probably not notice much).

    For questions, problems, requests etc add me on discord: pamehabai6 #5480.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    I am moving all of my mod downloads to the Nexus website due to security issues here. Press the Download button to be transferred there.

  • event_note Changelog


    • Removed Unnecessary Files. 


    • Added x1.25, x1.5 and x1.75 versions.


    • Initial Release.
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