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    Moar Ships v1.0

    This mod replaces the UGLY and extremely unpopular procedurally generated shuttle ships with new custom ship models.

    These ships are NOT procedurally generated! However, the X-Wing's texture skin IS selected by procedural generation.

    - Miniship (a large scale RC Plane)
    - Reaper (a photogenic gem)
    - NightHawk (all black Sentinel Fighter)
    - F14 Tomcat (Who wants to be my Wingman?)
    - X-Wing (skinned randomly from one of 8 textures)
    - Tie Fighter (With Custom Cockpit Interior)
    - Millennium Falcon (Right hand drive!)
    - Shuttle Type 9 (Seats for friends!)
    - Voot Cruiser (GiR passenger!)

    Some things to Note:
    - These replace ALL shuttles. So if you already have a shuttle in your ship collection, it WILL be replaced; but by what is a matter of seed values.
    - You cannot keep the mod ships if you uninstall the mod. Any ships collected while the mod was installed would revert back to shuttles based on the seed values.
    - Ejecto Seato! The Millennium Falcon is a big beast, so I gave it a dropship cockpit. The cockpit is capable of ejecting you great heights and distances. Please use with caution in Survival/PD modes.

    This mod took a LOT of time and hard work; so if you enjoyed it, please rate it and leave me a comment.
    Let me know what you like best, what's your favorite ship, or maybe what you'd like to see in a future patch.

    This mod took a LOT of time and hard work; so if you enjoyed it, please take a minute to rate it and leave me a comment. Let me know what you like best, what's your favorite ship, or maybe what you'd like to see in a future patch. Thanks for the download! Please Enjoy!



    Additional Credits & Thanks:

    All models used in this mod were either found in the current game files or exported from Blender.
    The credits for the models are as follows (file paths = game files, credit goes to Hello Games)

    Hello Games Models:
    Bell X-1: (Now replaced with my own model)


    (Recolored by myself, because homage to the F117 Nighthawk)


    Blender Exported Models:
    While I did have to do a decent amount of work to these models in blender to prepare them for exporting from Blender and importing into No Man's Sky, these are the original authors of the base models used and deserve the credit for majority of the modelling (and texturing, where applicable).

    Miniship: HelloGames & Kremit DeFrog
    Using the DRONESPACEDESTROY ship from the game files, I exported in Model Viewer and put together the new ship.
    This is the closest to "my first ship" model in this mod .pak.

    F14 Tomcat: 3DimensionPrinter
    (Received model from Nadalee [aka Gamergirl89])
    F-14D Super Tomcat by 3DimensionPrinter is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

    Star Wars Attack Squadron - Corra_Ashu

    Tie Fighter (LN): James R Bassett
    Tie Fighter Cockpit View: Kremit DeFrog
    Made from scratch, based off of the front window from the Tie Fighter source model.


    Millenium Falcon: Ben Houston
    (Ben Houston's source is unknown, but Ben Houston was also the source for my Tie Fighter, which later turned out to be work of JR Bassett as I found a URL for his website embedded within the mesh of the tie fighter model.)

    StarTrek Shuttle9: Staffan Norling (Squapper_Stuffe)*
    *Seats modeled by Nadalee and added to the Shuttle9 interior myself, Kremit DeFrog.


    Voot Cruiser: tailsplayfun
    Voot Cruiser by tailsplayfun is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial
    GIR Model was assembled by myself, using kthulu's model:


    Credit also goes to many NMS modders on Discord who helped me figure out various issues as well as monkeyman192 for making mbincompiler, and gregkwaste for Model Viewer.

    Also a big thanks to Nadalee & Monkeyman192 for coaching me thru Blender.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy "MoarShips.pak" to your "MODS" folder.
    (Steam Path)/SteamApps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS
    - Please make sure you have created a "MODS" folder in your PCBANKS folder (MODS folder is CaSe SeNsItIvE).
    - Delete (or at least renamed/relocated) the .txt file in the PCBANKS folder (if it exists).

  • event_note Changelog

    Files Added:
    (See "_Added.txt" for files added)

    Files Edited:


    ·Version 1.0 Revision Notes:
    - Fixed materials not casting shadows (issue shown in screenshot displays).
    - Added engine glow for Millennium Falcon and improved the jet trail(s).
    - Added glow effects on the Voot Cruiser.
    - Fixed X-Wing Procedural Generation so the X-Wing has 8 different textures/skins for the game to assign at random.

    ·Version 1.1 Revision Notes:
    - Fixed cockpit views to be compatible with various stealth/cloaking/invisible interior mods.. Custom interiors are still incompatible with such mods.
    - Removed the rings from the glass window in the Voot Cruiser's cockpit view to simulate more of the bubble glass of the ship's canopy.
    - Created custom interior for the Tie Fighter.
    - Added Gir to the Voot Cruiser and fixed the blockiness display of the ship. More ships will be smoothened out in the v1.2 update of this mod.

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