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    Megaliths is a mod that attempts to re-use many in-game prop objects such as procedural rock formations, crystals, stalacmites, and a host of other props as huge world-defining landmarks that can now be found littered around the universe. You want more planet variety? This is it! Every planet as memorable as the last!

    [ FEATURES ]

    Megaliths spawns objects from a huge, huge, huge list of procedural objects that exist from the game from flora, rock formations, to strange alien objects to randomly populate the world with and significantly change the impression of the landscape by spawning them as huge objects. You'll never know what the next planet horizon will look like!

    • Pretty much most procedural archetypes of props with naturally-occurring looks will now dot every planet's landscape!
    • Megaliths as far as the eye can see - megaliths will appear as far as the horizon goes on-foot!
    • Some Megalith props will be extremely small - specifically, some small props are included in the list that can become only slightly larger to its relative size. You will find planets with clean, empty horizons just as much as planets with ridiculously rough topology that'll give you a headache to land on!
    • BONUS: Low-orbit freighters can now be rarely found on any planet!


    Expect flora, fauna, and geological props on your planet to change upon a fresh install of the mod or a mod update. Your home base and yourself may end up inside a Megalith upon first spawn, so it is preferred you move to a space station first and save there before installing the mod. You should be able to dispatch Megalith objects with your multitool - if it's a Detritium Megalith, you'll need to walk inside and lob a grenade at the object's center!

    Megaliths will currently not spawn the new Atlas Rises objects nor spawn them on weird biomes. The weird biomes are weird enough already and, unfortunately, most of the new assets are barely or not at all procedural...


    As with anything that tries to do something BIG, there will always be problems!

    • Some objects may render incorrectly such as having missing shadows. This can be solved on a case-by-case basis.
    • Some objects will have collision errors, with hulls sometimes larger or smaller than the actual model. This is simply the way the in-game models were designed. Be careful not to get stuck!
    • Objects will have absurdly bad pop-in upon first entering the planet. Slow your descent, explorer!
    • Objects may still pop-in while on the surface, but far enough to be not intrusive during in-atmosphere flight.
    • Some objects randomly actually pop-out as in suddenly disappear! No idea why this happens and still seeking a solution for it!
    • Some objects seem to move up or down. This is because a prop has spawned over a lower terrain LOD and is re-adjusting its height on higher terrain LOD. This happens in the vanilla game, but far, far less obvious with things the size of ants far away.
    • Some planets may be locked out due to an issue with a specific bugged prop, 1 out of every 40 planets may cause a CTD as a result. Removing Megaliths for the time being will restore the planet. A new update has been released that should now solve this problem for good!
    • Objects may still have the chance to spawn over points of interest. This has been temporarily rectified by disabling player collisions on all spawned objects. You can still destroy them with your multitool. Use grenades inside the origin points of Detritium objects to get rid of those without your exocraft!


    The mod uses LEVELONEOBJECTS to spawn entities in. As a result, all mods that introduce new terrain prop models into the game will be incompatible and will overwrite Megaliths or be overwritten by Megaliths. My other mod, CONSTRUCTS, should be fully compatible with Megaliths!


    Making mods is fun, but hard work! If you have a dime to spare, please show your appreciation with a kind donation! It will allow me to give more time to modding than face the unfortunate circumstance of how crappy the planet Earth is for everyone right now!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unzip the .7z archive with your preferred archiver of choice such as WinRAR. 7-zip is the most recommended - it is open source, and is the world's most efficient archiver to date!

    • Place the .pak file within PCBANKS/MODS directory in your No Man's Sky installation.
      • If you are installing mods for the first time, the MODS folder probably does not exist. Create it within PCBANKS.
      • Make sure to delete ANY file called "DISABLEMODS.TXT'.
    • Play the damn game!
    • Performance-increasing tips:
      • Texture sizes are noted to be the most impactful on frame rate. Reduce your textures from High or Ultra if you don't mind the blurry textures!
      • Delete your SHADERCACHE - even though the games deletes and regenerates this on its own, many old shader files are not.
      • Delete your TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML - updating the game fresh from Foundation to Path Finder causes the file to obtain duplicate entries.
  • event_note Changelog

    [ R8C]

    • Another planet lock-out issue has been found and resolved!

    [ R8B]

    • A planet lock-out issue has been resolved!

    [ R8 ]

    R8 is the first release of Megaliths for Atlas Rises!

    • Megaliths is now compatible with 1.3.
    • Player collisions for all Megalith objects have been turned off - in other words, you can walk right inside of them, but you can still destroy them with your multitool as normal. This is to band-aid (and not necessarily fix) the issue with objects having a tendency to spawn over points of interest and player bases and becoming a general impediment to all players, especially in Survival.

    [ R7 ]

    R7 is the newest release of Megaliths! This versions attempts to further refine the look of planets without sacrificing their diversity by following the original formula set by the very first Megaliths release!

    • Changes
      • Megaliths now only spawns TWO variations of Megalithic objects per planet, as opposed to the previous three. This allows for FAR better planet consistency, making sensible-looking planets more common rather than making them rarer. (also basically making the mod perform practically 33.33% better)
      • Megaliths now tries to spawn ALL objects in the assembled prop list to promote the most variety - which means huge flora has returned! In Megaliths R6, only a special list of rocks can spawn as the largest of Megaliths. This also means that there will be more planets with normal-looking landscapes as there are significantly changed planets than ever before!
      • The overall size of Megalith objects have been reduced! This is to compensate for the fact that flora can now spawn as the largest objects.
      • The density of Megalithic objects in underwater settings have been SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED, to allow a more consistent landscape.
      • The scale of underwater Megaliths have been reduced even more, as not to interrupt the nature of the in-land features.
      • The density of freighters has also been further reduced - practically 50% of the original value from before R6!
      • Provided options for having no freighters spawn at all!
    • Bug fixes
      • Removed some more billboard grass types from the list. Giant billboard grass? Seriously?
      • Applied a direct scale reduction to underwater platform rocks, which had a tendency to become far, far too huge if spawned at large scales because of their inherent size as a model already.

    [ Alpha R6 ]

    • Major Additions
      • R6 officially releases the first version of Megaliths 50%, a Megaliths branch that focuses on reduced scale and density for Megalithic objects!
        • x64, x32, x16 scale sizes are now x50, x25, and x13 respectively!
        • Density for all objects have been reduced by 50%.
        • 50% chance for Megaliths to appear on planets After repeated experiments to control spawn chance-per-planet in different methods, all results ended with a crash-to-desktop. Sorry guys! All planets will continue to have Megalithic objects for now.
    • Changes (applicable to normal and 50% edition)
      • Underwater Megaliths has been re-activated - a 'mistransplant' to the new Path Finder spawn list caused them to spawn only in underwater tiles but restricted above water level - which meant literally nowhere possible.
      • Frozen dead trees have been removed from x64 scale. Mountain-sized dead trees are kind of silly.
        • Still available at non x64 scale.
      • Underwater platform rock has been removed from x64 scale. Makes planets completley unlandable.
        • Still available at lower than x64 scale.

    [Alpha R5B]

    • Resolved issue with Megaliths popping-in on dead planets. Sorry about that, guys!
    • Removed decompiled configs that were wrongly shipped with the R5 release.

    [Alpha R5]

    • Compatibility update: Megaliths is now fully compatible with the 1.2 Path Finder Update!

    [Alpha R4]

    • Major Additions
      • Submerged Megaliths now appear on all planets with water!
        • BEWARE, however - the game does not actually spawn underwater objects everywhere, only in certain locations. As such, not all oceanic zones will have Megaliths.
    • Changes
      • Prop list has been updated, removing...
        • Plutonium crystals - these are not procedural, are unfair, and tiring after just seeing the first time.
        • Ice drifts - these never look good anywhere.
        • Cube crystals, all variants - these never look good anywhere at any size, but most especially at the larger sizes.
      • Stability has been greatly improved - a badly-written part of the prop list likely responsible for the atmospheric entry crashes has been resolved. This should reduce the crash chance to either minimal or completely zero!

    [Alpha R3]

    • Major additions
      • Sub-orbital freighters now appear rarely on planets! These freighters are reduced in size to actually fit in the planet's atmosphere! This does not include Capital Freighters, because they're just too damn huge.
      • Dead planets now also appear with less dense, non-living-only Megaliths and sub-orbital freighters!
    • Changes
      • Variations of crystal formations already found in-game have been removed from Megaliths, especially Chrysonite, Titanium, and Neutral resource crystals. Their inclusion causes them to bias too much against other prop types and have too much priority. It's also unfair too.
      • Several billboard bush types have been removed - they look awful, are indestructible, and can make a planet unplayable... unless you like conquering that sort of challenge.
      • A revised spawn system ensures there is even more variety possible than the previous two versions by...
        • Spawning three variations of Megaliths per planet. (One at x64 scale, x32, and x16 as opposed to just two, x64 and x32, in the older versions.
        • To compensate for that change, Megaliths are less dense in general on all planets, but this does not entirely remove overkill planets. (planet-side densities are randomized to some extent by terrain generation with Megalith's own settings, rather than being controlled exclusively by Megaliths)
        • More tiny props have been included in the list - there will be planets with no easily discernible difference to vanilla. A pebble will just be a man-sized boulder even at x64.
        • Only rocks and non-living objects are chosen be at x64 on EVERY planet, while both plants and rocks can be chosen for the x32 and x16 variants on all non-dead planets.

    [Alpha R2]

    Alpha R2 sees the split of Megaliths into two versions: Normal and Excessive. Normal is exactly the same as first release: specially picked props that suit the role of being Megalithic in nature the most.

    Excessive expands the prop list to include even more props for the greatest diversity, but at the great risk of stability and performance. Are you willing to take the risk? This is also a test version to see which props are inherently too broken to eventually include in the Normal edition.

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